Open Access BPO CEO Leads Easter Community Initiative

Luis Anthony Oliveros Published on April 4, 2024

Open Access BPO CEO Leads Easter Community Initiative-- Ben and Volunteers
Open Access BPO CEO Benjamin Davidowitz (right) shares a moment with some of the volunteers as they provide hot meals to attendees of the Easter community initiative

Open Access BPO CEO Benjamin Davidowitz spearheaded an Easter community initiative on March 31, 2024, bringing smiles and nutritious meals to the Poblacion neighborhood in Makati City, Philippines.

The Easter community initiative has been a yearly tradition that Davidowitz initiated in 2021, when he started offering meals to those in need while spreading joy by giving away balloons to children.

“This event holds a special place in my heart,” says Davidowitz. “Witnessing the sheer delight on the children’s faces as they receive balloons is truly heartwarming.”

People lining up for food during the Easter Community Initiative | Open Access BPO People lining up for food during the Easter Community Initiative | Open Access BPO

Ensuring no one goes hungry this Easter. The community gathered during the Easter community event to share a hearty meal and a bit of cheer after a solemn Holy Week.

Davidowitz started the Easter community initiative at a time marked by uncertainty because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite this, the Holy Week traditions endured even as establishments in and around the neighborhood were shutting down and people were losing their jobs.

“Almost every corner would have an image of Jesus and people would go and pray to each of them during one of the hottest months of the year,” Davidowitz recalls. “It seemed appropriate at that time to give away food and drinks.”

And as for the balloons, he recalls seeing so many kids wanting to buy balloons being sold on the street but couldn’t afford them. This inspired the idea to collaborate with local vendors to ensure every child in the area could have a balloon.

The first Easter community event provided 200 meals. The attendance grew in the subsequent years to 300, and then 500.

With the support of volunteers from Open Access BPO, a total of 1,000 meals were distributed during this year’s event, alongside 700 colorful balloons.

Davidowitz shares that he can’t help but get teary-eyed seeing the joy from those he helped, especially the children.

“Seeing these very young kids and knowing that I’m contributing to fond Easter memories they will remember for the rest of their lives fills me with warmth.”

As a driving force behind Open Access BPO, his significant role in initiatives like this highlights the multilingual outsourcing firm’s commitment to giving back to our communities.

“It’s about creating meaningful experiences and building relationships that extend beyond the workplace,” he adds.

As Davidowitz continues to lead by example, initiatives like the Easter event serve as a reminder of the power of corporate social responsibility in driving positive change. Through ongoing support and active participation in community events, he and Open Access BPO remain dedicated to making a meaningful impact.

At Open Access BPO, our commitment to social responsibility runs deep. Every year, we serve as a Charity Partner to support the beneficiaries of the TCS New York City Marathon’s charitable endeavors and join forces with the Red Cross for our annual blood donation drives.

We’ve also developed programs aimed at enhancing schools and orphanages, alongside outreach initiatives dedicated to aiding communities in times of calamity.

These endeavors provide our employees at Open Access BPO with invaluable opportunities to volunteer and make a difference in the lives of others.

Get in touch with us today to discover more about our corporate social responsibility initiatives and how they positively impact not only our teams but also our partners and clients.

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Luis is a social media drifter who writes about the outsourcing industry for Open Access BPO. During his previous lives, he also worked as a tech reporter, tour guide, and graphic artist.
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