Open Access BPO Davao Celebrates 7th Year with Outdoor Adventure

Open Access BPO Davao Celebrates 7th Year with Outdoor Adventure

Luis Anthony Oliveros Published on December 9, 2022

Open Access BPO celebrated the seventh anniversary of its operations site in Davao, Philippines with a day of fun outdoor activities.

Open Access BPO Davao Leaders with VP Joy Sebastian
Open Access BPO Davao Site Manager May de Guzman (center), flanked by Global Vice President Joy Sebastian and Senior Training Manager Arjay Flaviano

The event took place at the picnic grounds of the Davao Crocodile Park where our Davaoeno teammates spent the day in various challenges and games.

“We wanted to coincide the event with everyone being back onsite. We wanted to do something for our fifth year, but COVID happened,” said May de Guzman, Open Access BPO Davao Site Manager. “It felt like this was the right time to do it and make it meaningful.

The Davao team gathered feedback from employees, soliciting ideas for how they want to spend the site’s anniversary.

“One thing stood outโ€”they wanted to do some form of an outdoor activity,” de Guzman added, explaining that they agreed as the activities would promote engagement and participation between teams.

Open Access BPO Davao employees running in Davao Crocodile Park Open Access BPO Davao employees during team building in Davao Crocodile Park

The day’s activities made use of the Davao Crocodile Park’s ground and facilities as employees plied their mental and physical skills in a series of mini games.

Open Access BPO Davao employees on puzzle challenges during anniversary
Employees took on several mini games that tested their mental and physical skills.

On top of the mini games, participants took part in a scavenger hunt that took them to several parts of the venue, solving puzzles accomplishing more physically arduous challenges.

Winners of the games received their awards during the culminating awarding program.

challenge winners awarded during Open Access BPO Davao team building

Open Access BPO CEO Ben Davidowitz also graced the event to celebrate the Davao site’s anniversary.

After regarding the winners of the games, he congratulated the Davao team, highlighting every employee’s valuable role in the company’s reputation as a trusted multilingual outsourcing service provider.

Open Access BPO CEO Ben Davidowitz during Davao team building
Open Access BPO CEO Ben Davidowitz recognized the Davao team’s valuable contribution to the company’s stable of high quality solutions.

Launched in 2015, Open Access BPO Davao has become the company’s stalwart operations site, providing English-language back office solutions to global partners. The site is home to over 200 skilled professionals, diligently providing 24/7 services to multinational brands.

“Our seventh-year anniversary celebration would not have been possible were it not for the collective efforts of all the departments and employees of our Davao Team,” Arjay Flaviano, Davao’s Senior Training Manager similarly remarked. “We continue to thank them for their hard work and consistently excellent quality of service.”

With more than a decade of experience in the outsourcing industry, Open Access BPO’s skilled workforce makes our high quality business solutions possible.

Speak to our program managers to learn more about our employee management and engagement, corporate culture, and the processes that engineer quality customer experience for our partners. Contact us today!


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Luis is a social media drifter who writes about the outsourcing industry for Open Access BPO. During his previous lives, he also worked as a tech reporter, tour guide, and graphic artist.
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