Open Access BPO debuts newly redesigned website

OABPO Blog Team Published on September 25, 2014

With the aim to continuously improve the experience we provide to our current and prospective outsourcing clients, we at Open Access BPO proudly announce the launching of our improved corporate website.

Our website now features a more interactive user interface, optimized page navigation menu, and a dedicated section for expert content. Through this revamped platform, we provide a more convenient way for potential partners to reach out to us while gaining insights on who we are and what call center support services we offer.

The improved navigation feature promises a faster and easier way for interested clients to explore the website. It highlights five major sections of the website: Home, About, Services, Blog, and Contact Us. Each of these sections is further divided into sub-sections using an organized formatting and design. With a more compact menu, site visitors can now directly head over to the section they want to explore further without having to browse aimlessly.

We have repackaged most of our online content to give our audience a much comprehensive and dynamic experience when learning more about Open Access BPO. Aside from our company profile and commitment statement, interested clients can also view the profiles of our esteemed company leaders and the Advantages and Process sub-sections to get a more solid perspective of our time-tested expertise and credibility as an outsourcing provider.

We have also improved our Services section to provide businesses that are planning to outsource to Open Access BPO a much extensive guide to the different outsourcing solutions that we can give them. Interested clients can now visualize how our Social Media Moderation, Customer Support, and Multilingual Call Center services can impact their operations, especially their bottom line. These intelligent resources can then help businesses make outsourcing decisions that are carefully and strategically thought out.

And to make our online portal more valuable to business leaders, we improved our resource sections, which feature our company blog and research studies. Our published materials cover essential outsourcing matters, such as the latest news and trends concerning the global outsourcing landscape and of course, the Philippine call center industry. Our content also focuses on vital business functions, such as customer service, sales and marketing, and business growth.

Through our blog entries, white papers, and research studies, we hope to help not only businesses but call center leaders and other key outsourcing players as well. We regularly publish content that covers different management and quality assurance strategies that can be applied when running a call center.

Lastly, we have enhanced our contact channels in order for online guests to reach our representatives faster. Our Contact Us page not only lists down all contact information that businesses can use in making inquiries but also features a contact form as an additional option. And to top the list, we also offer 24/7 live chat support that promises to provide round-the-clock assistance to site visitors.

All these website changes are done by Open Access BPO to better connect with our audience. We look forward to hearing feedback about these recent developments and the new ones that are yet to come.

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Open Access BPO's CEO Benjamin Davidowitz spearheaded the recent Easter community initiative in Poblacion, Makati City:

This annual tradition aims to provide nutritious meals to those in need while spreading joy to children with balloon giveaways. This year marks the 7th consecutive year of the initiative, made possible with the dedication of volunteers from Open Access BPO. Together, they distributed 1,000 meals and 700 balloons to the community.

Learn more about our outreach programs and employee engagement activities:

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