The 4 types of telemarketers


For your sales training programs to drive optimum results, you should know the unique traits of your telemarketers.

Telemarketing is an essential component of any type of business because it can readily drive results. It allows a call center to directly connect with their target customers and gain instant feedback. This way, they can keep making attempts to increase sales and adjust their marketing messages if needed.


From an outsider’s perspective, all salespeople seem to possess the same characteristics. They’re stereotyped as charismatic, extroverted, and competitive. But entrepreneurs, especially those who evaluate their agents’ performance, know that they have widely diverse personalities and selling styles.

This could either work to your advantage or drag you down. There are ideal characteristics that an effective telemarketer must have. But instead of hiring only those who already possess these traits, you can improve the performance of your team through coaching. Knowing the unique attributes of your sales reps would help you design training programs that target their needs.

To guide you, here are the four general types of telemarketers and their specific characteristics.


1.     The logician


They’re very process-oriented, but this unduly attention to detail makes them rather transactional. Because they focus more on the step-by-step procedures on making a sale, they see everything in black and white. They usually don’t know how to improvise when faced with an unexpected scenario. In most cases, they would find it hard to connect with a customer on an emotional level. As a result, most of the deals they close are done by accident, not by skill.


2.     The flashy one


Every call center has this type of agent. They’e highly competitive and extroverted, and thus they easily build rapport with a customer. Their charming personality enables them to effortlessly motivate customers to buy and maybe come back a second time. Although they excel in telemarketing, however, their customers mainly buy because they like the sales agent and not necessarily the product.


3.     The inconsistent seller


Passive-aggressive and impossible to predict, you wouldn’t know what to expect from the inconsistent seller. They may have the potential, but they’re stuck in their comfort zone and are afraid to take risks. At their best, however, they can close deals like your top performers. All they need is to be open to their mentor’s advice and have confidence.


4.     The ideal telemarketer


The ideal telemarketer is your superhero. These telemarketers always put the customers’ needs first and then make suggestions to address those needs. They are analytical but compassionate. Their in-depth product knowledge allows them to make intelligent but cost-efficient recommendations tailored to a customer’s preferences. Thus, buyers leave the store highly satisfied.


Telemarketing must be part of the call center services that your brand provides. As a manager, it’s important to take into consideration the unique personalities of your sales agents. This will allow you to coach them in the right way, letting you get the most out of your marketing efforts.



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