What’s on your call center’s LinkedIn page?


The largest professional network in the entire web can help you screen your prospective BPO companies.

You’d be hard-pressed to find an organization who doesn’t use LinkedIn to promote their brand. It’s the most commonly used social media platform for B2B marketing, and top-level executives find it a great tool for lead generation.

So naturally, LinkedIn is also the perfect place to get to know your prospective business process outsourcing (BPO) companies on a deeper level, especially since distance and time differences are almost always involved in outsourcing. For instance, if you’re eyeing a call center in the Philippines, checking them out online before paying a site visit may save you money and time. Reviewing a company’s online presence—particularly on social media—will allow you to quickly assess whether they could be a good match.

But what are the details you should pay attention to when reviewing your prospect’s background on LinkedIn? Here’s a useful guide.

1.     Their latest updates

Upon viewing the call center’s LinkedIn profile, you’ll probably immediately zone in on what they’re posting. Of course, it’s important to know what they’re talking about and how they manage their content—these things will give you an idea about their specialties.

More importantly, however, it’s worth paying attention to details you might usually ignore, such as how often they post status updates and when they last made changes on their page. These bits of information may seem negligible, but they could show a company’s commitment to maintaining a spotless online reputation and keeping up with events relevant to them. When choosing a Philippine call center, you want someone who’s actively involved and updated about what’s happening around them.

2.     Their connections


According to CMO, 20% of company executives primarily use LinkedIn for industry networking. Examining the connections that your prospective BPO companies made on LinkedIn could point you to their previous clients, whom you can gather feedback from.

Moreover, a firm’s network would give you a good idea about their level of influence and the role they play in the customer service sector.

3.     Top execs and employees

There’s a good reason why you should be curious about the team who keeps a call center running. These professionals could be the ones you’ll be working with in the future. So knowing beforehand who they are, their previous work experiences, and their field of specialization will not just allow you to assess an organization’s performance. It will also prepare you for when you meet them personally. This is the first step toward building a great working relationship with your outsourced team.

4.     Basic details

Naturally, you don’t want to miss any background information from your prospects’ LinkedIn page, and often, these details can greatly influence your outsourcing decisions. Details like number of employees, location, specialties, and previous clients are all important when you’re looking for a Philippine call center who can satisfy, or even exceed, your expectations.



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