Why do online businesses need fraud support?

Why do online businesses need fraud support?

May 19, 2014

Publishing questionable user reviews on your website has grave consequences. Read on to know why Open Access BPO includes fraud protection services in its array of business solutions.
These days, both personal and corporate secrets can easily be exposed with just a few tweaks on a poorly protected database. As such, businesses need to be honest with their dealings so that none of their actions can be used against them. Letting the public access non-sensitive procedures makes a company transparent, but can this guarantee authenticity?
A business can’t be transparent without it being authentic. While transparency lies entirely on the company’s hand, authenticity is something that can only be achieved with the public’s cooperation and support with the brand. No matter how clean your business is, it can be hard to maintain a flawless image if some of your consumers use your products as instruments for deception. This business quandary is what fraud detection and prevention processes aim to solve.

The importance of online fraud support


Any business can benefit from fraud protection programs, but those that operate online and welcome user-generated content need these even more.
Websites with a large user base are in greater danger of receiving malicious content and fraudulent claims, which can reflect poorly on the brand if left unmonitored and published.
With how fast negative publicity can circulate online nowadays, years of building your company’s image may all be for naught just because of one fake user review that went viral. Needless to say, this brand demolition can destroy not just your company’s image but also your market’s trust.

Fraud detection services for online communities

Fraud detection processes, in a way, are used to moderate web content. But they perform a more specific step of content moderation, which is to confirm the authenticity of submitted posts. The two common ways of maintaining a fraud-free web community are:

•   Content verification


Review sites are the ones that usually benefit from content verification service.

With this in place, you make sure that claims about other products and services posted on your realm are true. This keeps brand rankings accurate and recommendations trustworthy, aside from preventing unverified slanderous user-generated testimonials from drawing legal actions.

•   Social media protection

Content verification won’t be complete without social media protection. Other than its main purpose of validating user accounts that made reviews, social media protection also filters posts published on social networking sites. This harnesses the full potential of fraud protection services, as the majority of reviewers are also social media members.

Authenticity is indeed vital in business. Without this, no image-building and income-generating scheme can come to full fruition. Protecting your website from fraud helps you guard your brand from slanderers and assures truthfulness to your visitors.

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