Call center in the Philippines: Maximizing the performance of call center agents

Call center in the Philippines: Maximizing the performance of call center agents

August 9, 2013

Aside from technology, people and processes are also instrumental for a company in reaching its desired performance and productivity level. Philippine-based call center companies therefore have their own set of practices designed to maximize agent performance.

Though these practices differ with each company, general ones proven to be highly effective are listed below:

Performance analysis and coaching

Generally speaking, each team has at least two or three agents that perform poorly, and these cases warrant evaluation. Managers typically identify the agents’ strength and weaknesses, such as product knowledge, telephone etiquette, or confidence in offering a product or service. An action plan is then formulated, which addresses the particular concern, and followed-up with constructive feedback and regular assessment to track improvement.

Institution of an incentive or reward system

Various incentive schemes are known to motivate call center agents and result in a higher level of engagement. Aside from financial rewards, companies also provide materials with known value to its employees, including tokens of appreciation, recognition, merit promotion, or other perks, such as job flexibility. Perhaps as important, if not more, are non-financial incentives including praise and attention. An appropriate reward system is carefully chosen depending on the company’s profile and culture; it should be one that encourages desirable behavior without promoting abuse.

Efficient management

A call center environment is inherently stressful, and so, companies strive to create a positive working environment that relieves tension and is ideal for a high-quality staff. To build trust and confidence on skills, the management may opt to give its agents limited freedom and authority as it sees fit. Other strategies include creating a sense of purpose among agents by asking for their contributions on new ideas regarding process improvements, handling of workflows, and other subjects.

Improved performance among agents results in better customer experience as well as productivity and employee retention rates. All things considered, call center companies in the Philippines and around the world employ these steps in maximizing agent performance to keep costs at a low level and achieve higher profits in the business.

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