What Customer Experience Means to Different Generations

OABPO Blog Team Published on January 13, 2015 Last updated on May 20, 2023

Philippine call centers deliver customer service according to industry benchmarks and best practices that apply to all types of consumers.

This includes expert buyers, common users, power purchasers, and both tech-savvy and traditional consumers.

While there’s a list of standards that firms must follow in order to do customer service right, there still needs to be a unique approach for each demographic they serve.

Why Customer Experience Matters to Businesses

Customer experience plays a pivotal role in the success and growth of businesses. Here are several reasons why it holds such importance:

    great customer experience depiction daughter showing ecommerce mobile website to father
  • Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

    Exceptional customer experience fosters customer satisfaction, which, in turn, enhances customer loyalty. Satisfied customers are more likely to continue engaging with a brand, make repeat purchases, and advocate for the company within their social circles.

  • Enhanced Customer Engagement

    A positive customer experience promotes active engagement with the brand. Engaged customers are more likely to interact with the company through various channels, provide feedback, and participate in customer loyalty programs, leading to increased revenue opportunities.

  • Competitive Advantage

    In today’s saturated marketplace, businesses need to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Providing an outstanding customer experience can be a key differentiating factor, giving companies an edge and increasing their market share.

  • Revenue Growth

    Satisfied customers are more likely to spend more money on a brand’s products or services. By prioritizing customer satisfaction, businesses can drive increased sales and revenue growth.

  • Positive Word-of-Mouth and Brand Reputation

    Customers who have had a positive experience are more likely to share their satisfaction with others, contributing to positive word-of-mouth marketing. This, in turn, enhances the brand’s reputation and attracts new customers.

Why Customer Experience Matters to Customers

exceptional customer experience depicted by excited consumer assisted by call center representative on phone

Customers, regardless of their generation, seek positive experiences when interacting with businesses. Here’s why customer experience matters to them:

  • Personalization and Customization

    Customers appreciate tailored experiences that meet their unique needs and preferences. They expect businesses to understand their individual requirements and provide personalized solutions.

  • Convenience and Ease of Use

    Customers value convenience and expect businesses to provide seamless and hassle-free experiences across multiple channels. This includes easy navigation, quick response times, and efficient service.

  • Emotional Connection

    Customer satisfaction goes beyond the transactional aspects. Customers desire emotional connections with brands that resonate with their values, beliefs, and aspirations. They seek experiences that evoke positive emotions and establish long-lasting relationships.

  • delightful customer experience showing happy consumer on the phone
  • Consistency and Reliability

    Customers appreciate consistency in their interactions with a brand. They expect reliable service, consistent quality, and timely resolution of any issues or concerns.

  • Transparency and Trust

    Transparency in pricing, policies, and communication is crucial for customers. They value brands that are honest, trustworthy, and transparent in their operations.

Customer Experience Variations Across Demographics

While customer experience is important for all customers, it’s crucial to acknowledge that different generations have distinct preferences and behaviors.

Customers belonging to different populations have different consumer preferences and needs. So, the way you sell your brand and engage with them should be tailored to their likes and dislikes, which are unique to the generation they belong to.

Your sales or customer support representatives should be able to smoothly shift their approach from one member of a generation to another. And this starts with understanding generational differences among people’s consumer behaviors.

Here’s a breakdown of the key generational groups and their unique characteristics:

Baby Boomers

baby boomers elderly couple on couch using phone looking at catalogue

Having been born before most of the world’s population today, baby boomers have seen and experienced it all. They have a definite preference for what they like and don’t like in a product, as well as the exact type of things they want to buy. So long, flowery, and convoluted pitches won’t work on them. If you want them to read or listen to your whole message, capture them at the first line. Cut to the chaseโ€”present the facts and benefits they need right away.

Baby Boomers value connections. As a result, expect lengthy conversations whenever they contact your customer support team. They want the staff to be available all the time and provide resolution on the first contact.

Also, money is no issue to boomers. If getting the superior service means throwing money at it, they’d do so. They hold almost 70% of the United States’ disposable income and spend $548 billion each year. And they spend more than any generation. This covers the most money spent on transactions.

Just make sure that they do get what they paid for and that you’re true to your every word.

One widespread false information about the older generation, however, is that they aren’t tech-savvy. According to Pew Research Institute, 68% of them possess a smartphone and 57 % use social media. Considering Baby Boomers in the design of your multichannel customer experience can prove beneficial.

Generation X

happy young couple pregnant woman using laptop for online shopping

In their mid-40s to late 50s this year, Gen Xers want straightforward marketing like the generation before them. They want quick, easily accessible solutions, and these are not hard to provide to them, as they are the first ones to use computers. Most of them are also frequent social media users, regularly on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

However, your website’s navigation and speed are not the only factors that could invite Gen X to stay loyal to your brand. They value efficiency the most, and they are the ones who are most likely to research about products online before going to actual stores for purchases. Having experienced the best of both traditional and digital customer service, Gen X would prefer doing business with you if you have online and physical presence.


millennials happily looking at smartphone
Growing up alongside the boom of technological advancements, millennials are seen to be the easiest to market to but the hardest to manage. They grew up in a computer-dominated world, so they are well-networked and tech-savvyโ€”they search, purchase, complain, and praise online.

Although they are the most image-conscious (thanks to social media), they don’t base their preference for a product on its popularity alone. The more you inject marketing to a supposedly social environment, the less they like you. And contrary to their image of self-absorption, millennials are actually we-thinkers. Selling to them would bring the best results if you present what you can do for them, their parents, their peers, and the rest of their network.

As digital natives, they have greatly influenced how our modern culture communicates. They pioneered new types of communication, from social media to crowdfunding and even peer-to-peer payments.

They want a company to provide customer assistance at all times and via any available channel, even through Facebook Messenger. A millennial is willing to share personal information with a business for a more tailored experience. And they want them to keep their information and service history safe and secured.

Generation Z

gen z girl pink hair using smartphone on bed

Generation Z may very well be taking over the pole position for most technological immersion, a position once held by Millennials. The older GenZ-ers are now in their 20s and have broken into employment and the consumer markets. As consumers, they value how great customer service can convert to brand loyalty.

They respond to visual content and social media exposure to filter brands aligned with their values. This generation is also twice more likely to find product reviews on YouTube before making a purchase. With their high regard for tech and digitization, Gen Z values personalized customer service and prefers experience over product.

Most of them are tasked with the research required before purchasing by the older generations, they can influence their parents’ buying decisions. Additionally, with their high regard for tech and digitization, their perception of how they see service is unlike that of any other generation. They expect their experience to be utterly seamless and without trouble.

Understanding Each Generation

customer experience team in business plan developing customer support strategy

Understanding each distinct demographic helps create exceptional customer experiences that resonate with their target audience. Here’s why:

  • Tailored Experiences

    By understanding the preferences and expectations of each generation, businesses can tailor their customer experiences accordingly. This ensures that each demographic receives experiences that align with their unique needs and preferences.

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

    Meeting the specific needs of different generations leads to higher customer satisfaction levels. Satisfied customers are more likely to become loyal advocates for a brand, thereby driving business growth.

  • Increased Customer Engagement

    By aligning customer experiences with each generation’s preferences, businesses can enhance customer engagement. This can be achieved by leveraging the right communication channels, personalization strategies, and engagement techniques that resonate with each demographic.

  • Better Resource Allocation

    Understanding each generation’s preferences allows businesses to allocate their resources effectively. By focusing on the channels and strategies that resonate with their target demographic, companies can optimize their investments and improve ROI.

  • Competitive Advantage

    Brands that invest in understanding and catering to each generation’s needs gain a competitive advantage. By differentiating themselves in the market through exceptional customer experiences, businesses can attract and retain customers, even in saturated industries.

Catering to the Needs of All Generations

customer experience agent giving a thumbs up in call center

While it’s essential to understand the unique preferences of each generation, businesses may not have to cater to every single need of all generations. Prioritizing and focusing on the most significant and common expectations across different generations can yield optimal results.

By identifying the overlapping needs and crafting customer experiences that cater to those needs, businesses can create a more efficient and effective customer experience strategy.

Adjusting to Each Generation’s Needs

To adjust to the needs of different generations, businesses can adopt the following strategies:

  • Multichannel Approach

    Providing a seamless and consistent experience across multiple channels is crucial. This involves integrating online and offline touchpoints to ensure customers can engage with the brand through their preferred channels.

  • Personalization and Customization

    Leveraging data and customer insights, businesses can personalize their interactions and tailor experiences to each generation. This includes personalized recommendations, targeted marketing campaigns, and tailored product offerings.

  • Digital Transformation

    Investing in digital technologies and platforms enables businesses to meet the expectations of digitally savvy generations. This can involve developing user-friendly websites, mobile apps, and social media engagement strategies.

  • Agile Customer Service

    Adopting agile customer service practices allows businesses to respond quickly to customer inquiries, concerns, and complaints. This includes efficient call center operations, live chat support, and social media responsiveness.

  • Continuous Feedback and Improvement

    Actively seeking and incorporating customer feedback into business processes helps in identifying areas for improvement and ensuring that customer experiences evolve over time. Implementing customer feedback loops and conducting regular surveys can provide valuable insights.

The Role of Outsourcing in Ensuring Generational Customer Satisfaction

Outsourcing to a call center that specializes in handling multigenerational customer experiences can provide significant benefits. An outsourced call center can:

  • Specialization in Multigenerational Customer Experience

    Outsourced call centers possess the expertise and knowledge to navigate the unique characteristics, preferences, and communication styles of each demographic. This specialization ensures that customer interactions are aligned with the expectations of each generation, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Scalability

    Outsourcing allows businesses to scale their customer service operations based on demand. During peak periods or when dealing with a large customer base, an outsourced call center can provide the necessary resources and flexibility.

  • Seamless Multichannel Support

    An outsourced call center can provide support across various channels, including phone, email, live chat, and social media. This ensures that customers can engage with the brand through their preferred communication channels.

  • Enhanced Language and Cultural Adaptation

    If a business operates in multiple regions or serves diverse customer bases, an outsourced call center can provide language support and cultural adaptation to enhance customer experiences.

  • Continuous Improvement through Customer Insights

    Outsourced call centers gather valuable customer feedback and insights during interactions. This information provides actionable data regarding generational preferences, pain points, and areas for improvement, allowing them to refine their strategies and enhance the overall customer satisfaction. The outsourced call center becomes a valuable partner in continuous improvement efforts, enabling businesses to stay ahead of evolving generational demands.

While businesses can invest in developing in-house strategies to cater to different generations, outsourcing service providers can easily take the load off and address the specific needs, resources, and goals. This enables the brand to focus on their core competencies and other more critical aspects of the business.

Strengthening customer relationships depends on how brands can tailor their customer experience to different generations. When a brand provides exceptional customer service, it’s easy for consumers of any generation to become loyal to a brand.

Outsourcing partners, such as Open Access BPO, can eliminate your worries about agile customer service. Learn more about our customizable business solutions to enhance customer satisfaction for your brand. Message us today!

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