The elements that every e-commerce site should have

The elements that every e-commerce site should have

November 24, 2014

User interface (UI) tune-up is one of the preps that businesses do in order to keep up with the holiday rush. They update their inventory and revamp their site’s design and layout, social media accounts, and other web-based tools to give that holiday vibe.
For those who rely on business process outsourcing (BPO) services in the Philippines for their e-commerce and customer service needs, tuning-up their online platforms may not be that much of a problem. But it still pays to know which tweaks could spruce your brand and make holiday promotions a blast.

Power words


Kissmetrics rounded up UI elements that affect purchase decisions of online shoppers, and among the great influencers they listed are well-crafted buzz phrases.

The on-page copy written to describe your products or announce a promo should evoke emotions, which should consequently prompt consumers to buy from you even if the product you re marketing is available from another retailer. Even a simple “sale” sign on your store window could invite 52% of shoppers to enter your shop, while items bearing the word “guaranteed” make 60% of consumers feel at ease with the products. Straightforward words such as these have a power to lure and convince buyers, so consider plastering them on your website as well.




Holiday or not, the responsiveness of your site has a huge impact on your sales. Even if your website loads only a few seconds slower than the competitor’s, you could still suffer a huge profit loss for making possible customers wait.

Kissmetrics reported that 64% of online shoppers cancel purchases if a website is too slow. also observed a 1% decrease in sales for every 100 milliseconds of load time. If an e-commerce giant like Amazon could suffer a blow by making shoppers wait for just a fraction of a second, imagine how much more damage it could cause to smaller brands. So, make sure that all functions on your site and apps are functional and fast-responding all the time.




Of all the elements, the colors that make up your UI have the biggest impact in influencing people’s purchasing decisions.

Color is even pointed out by 85% of shoppers as the primary reason for buying a product. A good color scheme increases brand recognition by 80% and directly affects consumer confidence as well. Depending on the targeted customers and the effect you want to have, incorporating the right colors can attract shoppers to your site.

Ultimately, it is still the overall execution of the important elements that brings people to your online shop, make them stay, and convince them to buy. The wittiest buzz words and the most appropriate color combination may not give your desired effect if your site navigates poorly, has non-functioning features, and takes too long to load. All elements should not just be present, but well-incorporated as well.

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