How can call center technologies benefit political campaigns?

How can call center technologies benefit political campaigns?

July 15, 2014


It seems that almost every type of business today avails call center outsourcing services not just to cut costs but also to streamline their operations. Industries that commonly outsource voice solutions are those that thrive on the satisfaction of their massive consumer base—companies under the retail, finance, and telecommunications trades.

Like these businesses, social and political organizations also need the approval of the masses and effective communication among colleagues and target audiences to attain a project’s success. And like every other organization today, those involved in politics have been relying on technology to reach voters or donors and coordinate their multiple offices.

How cloud-based call center technologies help election campaigns


Call centers have contributed a lot to the success of numerous public campaigns around the world, particularly during election time when voters flood phone lines with inquiries about their registration. Hotlines have also proven to be indispensible in troubled areas where the public is encouraged to call and report anomalies and voting difficulties they witness or experience. Outbound calls, on the other hand, are used to disseminate “get out and vote” messages and reach voters for surveys.

Aside from these perceived main functions of call centers in the electoral process, voice service solutions can give other advantages. Cloud-based call center software, in particular, enables staffers and volunteers to mobilize their operations. Whether they are in the headquarters or on the road campaigning, they can make and receive calls from any location. These technologies can also perform typical call center tasks, such as call routing, call prioritizing, automated answering, and queuing, which are useful for busy parties with a multi-office setting.

But perhaps the bigger advantage that political bodies could get from automated communication is timely reporting. Real-time updates and reliable contact channels are key to a campaign’s success, and these are exactly what cloud-based call center tools can provide. Staff members could get real-time statistics and reporting from the contact center software, thus enabling them to organize their activities.

Will this create a new niche?

Big, important data are involved in election-related activities, so clients have accuracy and reliability in mind when choosing a call center program to aid their race. Developers are realizing this need, so voice-based polling and answering systems designed for short-term use have been surfacing in the market. There is indeed a need for election-suitable software and services, so contact center firms and developers should start tuning their solutions to the needs of this emerging niche.

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