Outsourcing to a call center: Telemarketing and rules for success

Outsourcing to a call center: Telemarketing and rules for success

August 23, 2013

In the contemporary times, telemarketing is often outsourced to call center companies in leading destinations, such as the Philippines. Some companies, however, are hindered by the fear of failure once this function is delegated to a third party company, fueled by stories of business owners who testify that outsourcing did not work for them. The gist is that telemarketing is not a simple, low-key function.

A successful campaign requires planning and adheres to certain rules.

Rules for running outsourced campaigns

The first thing to do is start with the end in mind. That is, a company should define a list of realistic and specific goals. According to Business2Community, having no goal, or having a generic increase-the-sales goal for that matter, is a sure road to disaster. Communicate your expectations with the agency. For instance, aside from acquiring contact information and setting appointments, indicate if you would also like call center representatives to close sales. It’s also helpful to recognize situations that may prolong results, such as low brand recognition in the market or a new proposition. Be clear on what you want, set benchmarks, and give a reasonable timeline.

Second, the client company must view telemarketing call centers not as a standalone process, but a support function for sales. Efforts should then be aligned with the needs of the sales team, with which the generated leads are valuable. There should be a regular mechanism for two-way dialogues on what works and what doesn’t, and possible corrective measures to take.

Finally, the company should consistently track the progress of the campaign, addressing specific points as necessary. This will give insight to key findings that can be used for the overall telemarketing efforts and necessary changes that need to be laid out.

Outsourcing for telemarketing campaigns should be carefully planned on the get-go. Furthermore, a company should entrust these to a results-oriented outsourcing candidate that knows the rules of the trade and is familiar with methods for ensuring success.

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