Is your business too big or too small to outsource tech support?

Technical support is one of the most popular services offered by business process outsourcing (BPO) companies today. But how do you know if your business is fit to outsource tech support? What if your company is too small or too large to benefit from this business strategy? The good news is that businesses, no matter […]

BPAP, gov’t resolving talent shortage in Philippine outsourcing industry

The Philippine outsourcing industry is facing a shortage in workers, according to the IT-Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP), the Philippine Daily Inquirer reported recently. IBPAP President Jose Mari Mercado explained that this huge demand has surpassed the country’s pool of business process outsourcing (BPO) professionals. This can be attributed to the industry’s rapid […]

Does good inbound customer service cost a lot of money?

Good inbound customer service comes with expenses. In fact, in today’s competitive market, you need to go beyond industry standards and invest in transforming your customer service initiatives into something that will exceed the expectations of your customers. Spending for customer service is definitely a worthwhile decision as it will help boost revenues by driving […]

What is the main reason for technical support outsourcing?

Many brands, especially those selling software and consumer electronics are engaging in technical support outsourcing. This is often viewed as a smart business option for the many benefits it offers, with cost reduction as the primary advantage. Outsourcing to save costs In order to maintain a high level of competitiveness and keep turnover low, companies […]

How call center outsourcing makes you more competitive in the long run

Business process and call center outsourcing were originally done to reduce overhead cost. It has sinced evolved into a practice that is aimed to increase productivity and quality.  The overall delegation of tasks to offshore service providers has become a popular strategy that improves business growth and financial stability for a variety of reasons and […]

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Looking for a #ContentModeration solutions provider? Check out these different moderation options before tapping an expert to manage your website or community forum:

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A Microsoft study revealed that 21% of customers hate having to contact brands over and over regarding the same concern. Follow these 8 #CustomerService tips to reduce repeat complaints!

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There are two types of #CallCenter agents for businesses looking to outsource: the #generalist and the #specialist. Get a closer look at their strengths to determine which type can help you deliver superior multilingual #TechSupport:

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Prevent cancellations and help your #CustomerService team retain customers with these #CustomerRetention strategies. Here's how:

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Call center shrinkage negatively affects businesses. Follow these tips to manage #CallCenter shrinkage effectively and boost #EmployeeProductivity:

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There are two kinds of #CallCenter agents: specialists and generalists. Let Open Access BPO help you find the right team for your business needs:

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