How can you oversee services handled by outsourcing firms in the Philippines?

OABPO Blog Team Published on December 17, 2013

Entrusting business operations to reputable outsourcing firms in the Philippines is not a one-time deal, but an ongoing process of communication, collaboration, and cooperation between you and your outsourced services provider.


A healthy, long-term business relationship should exist in order for you to achieve your goals. And a large part of developing that relationship is overseeing that the tasks you subcontracted out are done right. However, staying in touch with your outsourcing partner may not be easily achievable because both of you have your respective matters to focus on, not to mention you are probably located in different countries and timezones.
How can you oversee your outsourced tasks even if they are managed by a separate firm?
Here are some tips you can apply before and during the deal to guarantee a healthy client-supplier relationship:

Know each other’s responsibilities

The terms stipulated in the contract should be clear to you and your business partner before you sign the deal.
You should identify who is in charge of key parts of the partnership and acquaint yourself with the people handling operations, recruitment, training, and other business aspects. This way, you will know who to directly contact for certain concerns or who should report to you about progress and other business matters you need to know. This might also work for you if you don t want to consume the time of the higher management if you only need to get in touch with a certain unit.

List down expectations


What you expect from the partnership should be clear between you and your outsourcing partner from the very first day.
You can present the standings of your company before the contact is signed and then specify what changes you imagine or the results the third party firm can deliver. You can set certain dates to compare results, send reports, or do site visits. By overseeing the tasks at an interval, you can track progress better.

Manage the outcome, not the activity

Unless you are co-managing with a boutique-style firm, you should leave the management of the outsourced roles to your service vendor because it’s part of their expertise. It might cause more damage than help if you constantly nag them about every detail of every single operational activity. What you should closely oversee instead is the overall outcome of those services, and if there are results that you don’t find satisfying, that’s when you can enter the scene and take part in changing your strategies.


You can oversee services handled by BPO firms in the Philippines if you focus on your responsibilities and let your outsourcing partner handle their own duties. This will also ensure a healthy business relationship between you and your outsourcing partner.

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