Why Shaping the Call Center Agent Experience Should Be Among Your Priorities

Why Shaping the Call Center Agent Experience Should Be Among Your Priorities

James Glenn Gomez Published on January 21, 2018Last updated on September 3, 2022

Improving the quality of work life your call center agents experience can help enhance the customer experience.

How often do you ask your employees how they’re doing? Aside from the typical stress that call center agents face, how difficult is it for them to execute their tasks? Have you ever asked them how they feel about the company?

Call Center Agent Experience depiction team leader chatting with customer support team

How’s their experience

The concept of employee experience has been thrown there and again for quite some time now, though the idea hasn’t caught on a bit. Employee experience, simplified, refers to the sum of the interactions—satisfaction, happiness, and engagement—your employees face in a work day. Everything that revolves around how they do their work is employee experience.

The call center agent experience offers a myriad of benefits that strengthen not just your relationship with your customers, but with your employees as well. So much so, that the overall agent experience should be a priority for your company.

Here are some reasons why you should improve the employee experience.


  1. Employees Are as Important as Your Customers

    Call Center Agent Experience depiction customer support reps smiling at each other

    Sometimes, it takes getting to know what your employees want and need in order to
    improve the customer experience
    . They’re your customers’ first contact to the company. The positive experiences lead agents to be more productive for your cause.


  3. A Well-Equipped Agent Works Efficiently and Effectively

    Call Center Agent Experience depiction customer support agent using tablet

    Tools, equipment, and other critical resources are part of the call center agent experience. User-friendly technology helps ensure hassle-free interactions with customers. Agents can become increasingly frustrated if they’re made to use faulty or outdated equipment, which can hinder their work and prevent them from thoroughly helping customers.


  5. Environment Affects Work Performance

    Call Center Agent Experience depiction smiling customer support reps at the office

    What’s your setup for your call center? The lighting, the spacing, and temperature all have an effect on an agent’s performance. Your office shouldn’t just be aesthetically pleasing; it should also be functional and free from distractions.


  7. Present a Better Brand Image

    Call Center Agent Experience depiction excited happy team leader in meeting with fun customer support team

    Websites such as Glassdoor collect the ratings of a company’s call center agent experiences. Thus, those with positive experiences tend to have competitive advantages when hiring new employees and keeping old ones because of the better brand image.


Call Center Agent Experience depiction diverse customer service reps chatting with team leader

The agent experience has become more than just giving away a higher salary. It’s about providing your employees with the positive work environment and tools they need to fulfill their jobs excellently. It’s about giving them an incentive to be proud of the company that handles them. Simply put, it’s about taking care of your employees.

And that’s what your call center partner needs to do for the people working on your programs to provide excellent support to your customers.

Get access to customer support experts to frontline your programs by partnering with a capable outsourcing service provider. This assures your customers’ needs are covered. Regardless of when they need assistance or what language they speak, Open Access BPO’s customer care, back office, content moderation, and knowledge process support are at the ready to serve your business needs.

Contact us today so we can start outlining your outsourcing program.


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