Should you be outsourcing to the Philippines?

Should you be outsourcing to the Philippines?

October 2, 2013

Given the many popular destinations for business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions, should you be outsourcing to the Philippines? The short answer is yes. As a premium outsourcing hub, the Philippines has a lot of competitive advantages compared to similar low-cost destinations in Asia.

In fact, just recently, the capital city of Manila has topped Tholon’s list of top 10 global outsourcing destinations, followed by India’s Bangalore and Mumbai cities.

Advantages of outsourcing in the country

The Philippines has a lot to offer in terms of outsourcing. With its low cost of living, you can spend less and do more. It also has a large English-speaking population and a talented workforce. Indeed, more than 95% of its professionals hold college degrees in various fields, including Information Technology, Computer Science, Engineering, Nursing, Human Resources, and Communications, among many others.

Additionally, Western companies find it easy to work with Filipinos because they’re well accustomed to Western cultures and business practices. This affinity facilitates communication between the company and its employees for successful remote operations.

Economic stability is also one of the reasons outsourcing to the Philippines is a worthwhile initiative. Previously labeled “The Sick Man of Asia,” the country’s credit rating has been raised to investment grade status by several financial institutions, and is now the economic trailblazer in Southeast Asia. This encourages businessmen to invest or set up outsourcing companies here in the country.

Finally, the Philippines’ BPO industry is supported by the country’s government efforts. The government acknowledges the contribution of BPOs to the stability of the country. As such, it has set up special economic zones, and grants fiscal and non-fiscal incentives to further assist outsourcing companies.

These facts show that the Philippines is an excellent location for outsourcing business solutions. Since the country already hosts a healthy environment for outsourcing, all a foreign company needs to do is plan what tasks to outsource and choose a good third party provider that can deliver the results that it needs.

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