Factors That Matter When Choosing Outsourcing Service Providers in the Philippines

Luis Anthony Oliveros Published on August 2, 2013 Last updated on August 15, 2022

As the global economy recovers from the pandemic, consumers and companies are recognizing the value of having their critical processes outsourced to the Philippines.

Deciding to entrust various sections of your business to a third-party company is one thing. Jumping aboard the outsourcing train is another. So, if you want your outsourcing endeavors to be successful, you’ll need to find the right business process outsourcing (BPO) company to partner with.

Here are factors to consider when selecting the right BPO partner to address your needs.

  1. Cost

    businessman saving money on piggybank

    Cost reduction is one of the most attractive benefits of having your company’s tasks outsourced to the Philippines. The expenses may be inexpensive than staffing and managing an entirely new in-house team, but the overall costs can still be quite an investment.

    However, it will still be cost-effective in the long run. This is especially true when you consider that the BPO company will be shouldering the costs of the outsourced operation’s upkeep and maintenance. This is why many startups, enterprises, and small businesses have also gotten aboard outsourcing as a growth support strategy.


  3. Industry Expertise


    Look for a BPO firm that has experience in your company’s industry or the services you need. On the surface, this simply means it will be easy to convey your needs to an organization with experience serving entities in your field. On a more crucial, valuable level, this means you will be deeply collaborating with a company with existing operational structures, legal processes, technologies, and even personnel experienced in your industry.

    For instance, Open Access BPO has an extensive experience providing multilingual customer to business in the technology sector, among other industries. We have developed multiple hyper-customized business solutions in multiple languages, enabling our teams to help each tech partner overcome previous challenges, achieve their targeted goals, and take on growth opportunities.


  5. Infrastructure and Technology

    call center business team in meeting using tech devices

    Technology is a definite must-have for any outsourcing operation. You ideal outsourcing prospects must have the latest technologies in place to support your operational needs and meet your customers’ demands. This generally means having a reliable network infrastructure, with best-in-class hardware and software, and redundant power and Internet connections

    Aside from these, look for Philippine outsourcing firm capable of adapting new technologies for when you need to incorporate new devices or migrate to new systems. This future-proofs your operations, making sure your customers receive seamless support 24/7.

  6. Data Security


    When shopping around for prospective BPO partners, always inquire about the data security strategies they have in place.

    Information security keeps your business, its processes, and assets safe from any form of intrusion intending to target your sensitive business and customer data and topple your competitive edge.

    Aside from network and hardware security provisions, you may also need to learn about the security protocols within your outsourcing partner’s physical location and the data security standards they adhere to.


  7. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans

    outsourced to the philippines business continuity disaster recovery

    Another critical need of every outsourcing firm is a defined disaster recovery and business continuity strategy. A robust plan will:

    • ascertain potential risks that may halt the operation
    • ensure operations is invulnerable to any kind of intrusion or disaster
    • alleviate any damage to data and IT assets
    • keep operations uninterrupted even during an intrusion or disaster
    • recuperate after an intrusion or disaster has run its course

    A truly reliable BPO company should have thorough risk assessment procedures to identify risks that could lead to potential data loss. This should be matched with comprehensive risk management protocols should disasters arise. Here, redundant storage, backup systems, power, and auxiliary operation sites, among other solutions must be implemented.


  9. Workforce

    cheerful customer support agent working in call center

    Outsourcing gives you access to qualified talents that may not be available to you in your company’s location. This is especially useful if you need people with unique skills, technical knowledge, specific language proficiencies, and work experience.

    • Recruitment, Training, Growth
      The best thing here is that you don’t have to worry about hiring them. Outsource and your partner will build a skilled team for you based on your specifications. They will also be responsible for training, managing, and providing both incentives and coaching. Aside from these, companies like Open Access BPO provide multiple training opportunities to empower every employee’s career growth.

    • Attrition
      Another thing you must check is your prospects’ yearly attrition rates. When employees are happy and well engaged, they are productive and motivated to produce quality work. A high number of employee resignations per year, however, may be a sign that the company is unable maintain a healthy workplace and may even have unfair employee management practices, which, in turn means low quality output for you and your customers.

Partner with a reliable outsourcing company you can trustโ€”one that has a powerful infrastructure, industry expertise, and dedicated workforce to help you gain that competitive edge. Fast track your way to success with Open Access BPO.

Get in touch with us today to find out how our agile solutions in the Philippines can help your business.


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