Telemarketing call centers: Conveying the right message with a script

Telemarketing call centers: Conveying the right message with a script

September 6, 2013

A well-written script is an essential tool of call center companies offering telemarketing services. It should be well thought out, original, and effective in enticing prospects or leads to purchase a product or service.

What a good script can do

Telemarketers follow a standard script when doing calls. This tool is well researched and makes use of proper grammar, language, and carefully worded phrases that help make the representatives sound more professional. It also ensures that all information given is complete and accurate, leaving no hole for missing data and helping prospects gain a clear idea about the business and offerings it pitches.

Aside from this, a script also helps a telemarketer avoid mistakes, saying words that reflect uncertainty, such as “ummm” or off-putting phrases, and inadvertently diverting the conversation to unrelated topics.

A script increases the chances of success among telemarketing campaigns in call centers by assisting representatives in achieving their targeted goals. It helps them gain more confidence in interacting with a prospect, particularly those lacking in detailed sales knowledge. It also helps in eliciting the desired answers from prospects as it details out necessary open and closed questions, ways to overcome common objections or complications, and trial closes.

Finally, it enables the representatives to focus on delivering the right message and ensures that this is consistent among all customers.

Using a script for successful telemarketing campaigns

A script has a proven track record for spurring success among telemarketing campaigns in call centers, provided that it is written properly and the representatives are well trained to use it as a guide. By successfully delivering the right, consistent message to the target audience, a business can convert more leads to sales, resulting to an overall higher profit.

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