What you need to know about joining social media groups on Facebook


Social media groups are organized virtual spaces where users “meet” to talk about ideas, gather feedback, or share links. Like formally established groups, they have administrators who run the site while moderating submitted content to ensure that they adhere to the pre-established regulations. Most groups are formed around a common theme, which is often based on users’ common interests or activities.

Joining Facebook groups can increase your brand’s customer engagement. It allows you to interact with a broad audience, so there’s a big possibility of gaining new clients and of effectively promoting your brand. In fact, there’s no limit as to what you can share with your audience as long as your posts are related to the group’s theme and offer value. Otherwise, no one would pay attention to you.

However, this isn’t the only factor that would determine your success. Choosing the perfect group to join is also a crucial consideration. Below are tips and guidelines for evaluating and selecting the right social media groups to promote your brand.


1.     Look for comments, not posts.

If you want to increase customer engagement, join groups where members actively “talk.” It’s easy to find groups with several posts, but if users don’t comment at all, it’s not a healthy place for interaction. Chances are, if you post something in these groups, no one would respond to you. It’s best to look for social groups where most members are involved in an ongoing conversation so you could also contribute your insights.


2.     Consider your competitors’ Facebook groups.

Finding social media groups to join can be a tricky task. If you’re having some difficulties, you should check out the groups your competitors are joining. Visit their Facebook profiles, go to the “About” tab, and see if you can view their groups. This will point you to where you should go, and also lets you even out the competition.


3.     Go where your customers are.

You can’t increase customer engagement in a Facebook group if your customers aren’t there in the first place. If your business deals with technology and gadgets, make sure that the group you join is composed of users who might be interested in the tech devices you offer. Often, group names are straightforward, so they’d tell you right away what the group is all about. In other cases, you can check out the groups’ posts if they’re publicly viewable to see what members usually talk about. You may also take a look at the members and see whether they belong to your target demographic.


4.     Localize your search.

Where is your business located? You might consider joining social media groups based on the same area. It would allow you to find customers and other businesses near you, so it will be easier to reach out to your community.


Joining social groups on Facebook is an efficient, low-cost, and convenient way to increase your brand’s customer engagement. The key is to find the right groups that match your specialty and expertise. Once you have, the interaction opportunities with your clients are endless. It’s up to you to think of ways to share your insights and build great relationships through online communication.



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