When do you need customer support outsourcing services?

When do you need customer support outsourcing services?

October 22, 2013

Customer support outsourcing is becoming increasingly popular among various businesses, though it doesn’t mean that every company needs it. How do you know when you need to outsource your tech support functions or just keep it in-house? It s no easy decision, so you need to look at these factors before giving outsourcing a go:


Having an in-house customer support department can be expensive, particularly if the volume of phone inquiries or service requests you receive daily is heavy. In this case, outsourcing might be just what you need in order to cut back on expenses allotted for recruitment, training, employee management, and operating cost needed to run a call center.
On the other hand, if the volume of tickets is minimal, then you might as well keep the department in-house to save yourself from a possible financial dilemma.


Are you confident that you are giving the best support to your customers? Are your agents saying the right things, and can they successfully resolve issues?
Customer support outsourcing can be used to improve the quality of your services. Outsourced agents are extensively trained on product knowledge and communication, so you are assured that the assistance they give is never subpar. Some offshore providers even prefer hiring those with IT and technical background for agent support positions.
This, however, is best if solving the technical issues put forward by customers is as easy as instructing the callers to take a second look at their manual. If the issues are more complex and may require knowledge of your product team and in-house experts, then it makes more sense to keep your support team in-house.

Customer needs

It is best to outsource if you’re failing to adequately meet the needs of your customers.
Ask yourself the following: Can your in-house team deal with all the workload, or are they overwhelmed by the amount of tasks they shoulder? Can your team respond promptly to customer messages or do backlogs pile up despite continuous operations? Do your customers need assistance after office hours? Do they find other platforms like social media more reachable than your phone line?
These are just some of the questions you need to ask before deciding whether or not outsourcing is your practical choice. If your internal resources are insufficient and providing support consumes too much time and resources, then you know it’s time to choose an offshore provider and consider outsourcing.

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