Where to allocate your budget for telemarketing in the Philippines

Where to allocate your budget for telemarketing in the Philippines

November 26, 2013

When telemarketing in the Philippines, your budget should depend on the type of telemarketing plan your company will be carrying out. You must first determine if your plan will be an inbound or outbound sales project, and once you decide on one, you’ll be able to point out how much of your overall fund you should allocate for each requirement. Of course, the scope of your project will also play a great role because it determines the number of people, their location, and length of time involved in your campaign.

For projects that will handle inbound calls, it’s best to invest in a development program that your outsourcing partner will use to produce call guides, write scripts, build your database, and set up a transfer number. A portion of the startup budget will also go to the training of people who will be receiving calls from your customers.

Aside from the startup budget, you will have to pay ongoing fees, which can be a portion of the monthly utility dues of your outsourcing site and the compensation for your outsourced workers. Your employees may be paid at an hourly or monthly rate, and incentives from the sales they will make may be given as well. Acquaint yourself with the wage and tax laws of your outsourcing site to know the right salary range for each role.
Outbound campaigns may require almost the same startup fee as inbound campaigns, but you may see a significant difference in the ongoing charges because your sales representatives will be making outside calls to your customers.

The phone use can be charged at an hourly rate, depending on the plan that you and your outsourcing partner will agree on. The overall call volume, the number of calls assigned per representative, and the type of customers they will be calling will also dictate how much will go to this aspect of the campaign. Know the location of your prospective clients and if they’re businesses or customers, as fees may differ depending on the area or country they’re from.

Your budget for telemarketing in the Philippines may be considerably lower compared to the amount you may shell out if you choose a different location, without service quality decline. Still, you should define the aspects surrounding your campaign and keep updated on wage, communication, and utility rates to be able to know if you are spending enough.

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