White paper: How Taiwan paves the way to the Asian market


As Asia maintains its dominance in the global outsourcing scene, the region continues to produce new business process outsourcing (BPO) hubs to its arsenal of world-class business centers. Among those emerging BPO destinations is Taiwan. But does this East Asian island nation have what it takes to position itself among Asia’s roster of already-established outsourcing capitals? Open Access BPO answers this in its latest white paper that outlines Taiwan’s business landscape, the advantages it offers to foreign investors, and what businesses need to know in order to form long-lasting bonds with their Taiwanese counterparts.


Presenting some of the recognitions that Taiwan garnered from international economic rankings, the white paper points out how favorable the country’s business environment is to international companies. Not only does it have access to the world’s best resources, it also serves as a gateway to a bigger Asian market.

Aidan Healy, Managing Director of Healy Consultants, even sees it as “an ideal base from which entrepreneurs can conduct business in Greater China,” pointing at Taiwan’s 17% tax rate on global profits as another asset since it is one of the lowest tax rates in the world.

The outsourcing research paper further lists down communication tips and business traditions that would come in handy to brands that are hoping to build a reputation in Taiwan.

Taiwan: Your way to the heart of outsourcing in Asia is Open Access BPO’s latest release, which aims to guide fellow businesses when planning to extend operations to the country. This is the eighth among the firm’s published papers that you can download for free from the studies page.



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