Why should I consider outsourcing social media?

Why should I consider outsourcing social media?

OABPO Blog Team Published on October 3, 2013

In today’s technology-driven society, many businesses are using social media for marketing and customer service. Outsourcing social media has become a common practice since it offers benefits that are either challenging or downright difficult to achieve with internal resources.

Why should you outsource social media?

While most businesses recognize the importance of social media marketing, not everybody has the time or resources to consistently handle such online efforts. According to Forbes, it takes up to 32 hours per month to manage just a single social platform.

This is equal to almost a week’s worth of office work; the numbers go up significantly when a company has multiple social networking accounts. Given how much time each profile requires, it is a good option to employ the services of specialized third-party providers to manage your social media presence.

By outsourcing social media, you can rest assured that there are professionals regularly putting up posts and updating your accounts. These experts can respond to customers, post engaging content, inform the audience of the latest news and accomplishments, and announce specials and discounts, among other tasks important for your campaign. In essence, this lets you provide better service for your customers online.

Moreover, you can save substantial expenses with outsourcing. You are spared from the costs of hiring additional staff and purchasing analytics tools to measure results. Instead, the third-party provider does it all for you.

There are also third-party providers that can advise you on how to make the most out of your social media activities. They conduct market research and stay informed on what’s new and trending. They can suggest what channels are suitable for the type of business you have, what content should be developed and shared, and how to boost a website’s traffic, among others.

In summary

Outsourcing social media is a smart move for those who want to save time and money. It also provides you access to social media specialists that can improve how you engage with your brand’s audience.

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