Why should every Philippine call center promote employee welfare?

Why should every Philippine call center promote employee welfare?

OABPO Blog Team Published on January 16, 2014

Just like in every business, the voice support representatives are the lifeblood that keeps a Philippine call center running. The welfare of your employees is important because if their performance is hindered by poor health or unfavorable working conditions, it could reflect poorly on the attrition rate, company reputation, and profits.

If you lead a call center business, you should advocate initiatives that care for the well-being of the employees. Doing so also helps you develop a positive reputation for the company in the eyes of your clients and the government.

Employee retention


Keeping your staff motivated is vital to your organization’s success. Conversely, a high employee turnover rate increases costs and gives a negative effect on your company’s morale. That’s why promoting employee welfare should be part of your employee retention program, which is a great way of boosting job performance and productivity.

Great benefits are often a major reason for an employee to accept a job offer or stay in a company. If your company provides good health benefits and a welfare plan, you could save time and resources that you could have allocated to constant recruitment and training of new staff.
Moreover, promoting employee welfare helps keep competent professionals from leaving, as they know how well you take care of people.

Good company image

If you have a good employee welfare plan, you could build a good image for your company and invite more competitive employees, potential customers, and ultimately, a spike in your sales and revenues. Companies with a strong corporate image have an advantage over their competitors because a positive reputation attached to their name adds value to the products and services they sell.

Law compliance

It is mandatory for every business to comply with labor laws, as failing to pass government standards or defying codes can cost your company’s reputation and eventually damage you financially.

Meeting legal obligations is part of every business leader’s duties, but you should not be limited to fulfilling the basic requirements such as providing holiday pays and allotting vacation leaves. You should also have an understanding of the various rules that govern your business and, more importantly, make sure that they cover the safety and health of each individual working for you. Otherwise, employees who feel neglected or harmed by their leaders or even their workplace could press charges against your companies.

In conclusion, keeping your staff in top shape enables them to perform excellently, which will eventually transforms into profit increase and customer satisfaction. Additionally, it saves your business from costs required in constant recruitment, building company image, and legal issues.

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