BPO inbound solutions at a glance

BPO inbound solutions at a glance

July 29, 2013
BPO inbound solutions

BPO inbound solutions

A majority of companies involved in business process outsourcing (BPO) offer inbound solutions to their broad range of clientele. They offer a comprehensive list of services that include customer service, technical support, web-based services, and other sales and marketing functions, among many others.
These services are offered to an even more diverse range of industries, especially in the healthcare information management and information technology BPO sectors. By collaborating with BPO firms, businesses gain strategic advantages over their competitors by significantly reducing labor costs, enhancing productivity, and advancing quality. Aside from these benefits, they also enlist the services of an experienced workforce.

The most common BPO service

Most BPO services fall under three categories: voice, non-voice, and back office services. The majority of these groups are offered in many call centers globally. Among the most common services in BPO is perhaps inbound solution.
An inbound call center function refers to a service that has a group of agents responding to incoming calls from customers. These calls could be inquiries about an existing account or a new deal, complaints, or concerns that the customer wishes the provider to know. Having a central hotline for customers to call is important for all businesses as it sends a clear message that these companies are available for their clients. By tapping outsourcing firms such as Open Access BPO, companies are assured that their campaigns could run 24/7.

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