Improving non-voice technical support with live chat

Improving non-voice technical support with live chat

August 18, 2013

Live chat is increasingly becoming popular with businesses as a tool for customer service management, and for providing non-voice technical support. More businesses are discovering its potential for resolving inquiries and clearing up any confusion in real-time, as well as for keeping customers’ satisfaction in check.

Live chat for immediate assistance

Live chat offers convenience and immediate access to offer assistance to customers. In fact, a recent study by Forrester showed that online consumers considers live chat as one of the most important features a website can offer.

Response time is faster compared to other methods of providing support, and customers can keep themselves busy with other activities online while waiting. This particular aspect is a selling point for customers and even persuades them to return to the website for purchases. In this matter, live chat boosts sales conversions. A supporting study was done on banking site Wells Fargo, in which it experienced higher sales, reporting a double-digit increase and high rate of customer satisfaction after implementing the use of live chat.

Furthermore, live chat can effectively cut down on resources. Compared to phone support, it reduces average interaction costs. This lowers the overall expenses of the company and promotes efficiency as representatives can multitask while on a chat session with a customer.

Moreover, live chat allows access to crucial customer information, including pain points and common problems encountered. Data gathered may also be used for advertising or improvement on products or services.

Gain competitive edge over other companies

Since live chat is still not integrated in most websites, early adopters gain competitive edge over their customers. Simply put, it is a simple tool that bridges connection with customers who seek technical assistance and shop online.

With its cost savings and capacity to boost sales and customer service, live chat stands as a profitable asset for companies just waiting to be tapped.

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