Is it right to believe that customer service mistakes are normal?

Is it right to believe that customer service mistakes are normal?

August 6, 2014

Customer service is one business function that requires a lot of hard work and strategic thinking for it to become exceptional. But no matter how hard you or your outsourced call center in the Philippines try, mistakes will always come. Even if you rigorously train your customer service representatives every now and then, they will always encounter difficulties in assisting your customers.


It’s easy to become frustrated because of customer service problems. Since customer service is the biggest contributing factor to customer retention, it’s sometimes hard to accept that it is also human. But this human factor is why mistakes are normal. Nobody’s perfect, and neither are your people.

The good news is, even if customer service can never be perfect, you always have the opportunity to use the power of hindsight. Meaning, you can always look back and study these unfortunate experiences and make something out of them. Mistakes have root causes that can be identified, prevented, and even eliminated from your organization.

Maintaining a positive attitude when facing customer service mistakes, although difficult, is a must for business owners and managers. Here are three reminders that can help you have a more positive outlook despite knowing that mistakes normally take place:

1. Mistakes should be expected

It’s useless to keep on believing that everything will go perfectly. Anticipating mistakes allows you to become proactive because doing so will make you more prepared once they actually take place. There’s a difference between thinking that you will fail soon and thinking of possible solutions to prepare for it. The latter is the right mindset that you need in dealing with customer service mistakes.

2. Mistakes may take time to make sense

There can be possibilities of you getting blindsided by looking at a mistake without paying attention to its surrounding elements. You taught your employees everything, so it doesn’t make sense why they still commit mistakes, right? The truth is, most customer service mistakes take time and processing for them to be of value to your business. It’s fine to be carried away by the crunch time, but make sure that you go back and evaluate your experiences and learn something from them afterward.

3. Even the best companies commit mistakes


Since customer service is significantly human, interactions are unpredictable and may sometimes end up in a negative light. Even the most successful businesses have customer service nightmares to share. What you should keep in mind is that customer demands will always vary. Some of them will exceed the limitations of your resources. Just like what other successful brands do, you must also learn how to pick up yourself after a fall and come out as a stronger organization.

Mistakes will always be part of your business experience. Failure is something that you can regulate, but never take full control of. But what’s important is that you can control how you react to the mistakes that you make. And this is why customer service mistakes provide you with multiple opportunities to become wiser in managing your resources and providing excellent support to your customers.

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