13 Kinds of Content That Moderation Services Ban

JV Razal Published on August 22, 2023

Brands carve out unique online spaces to connect and engage with their audience, harnessing the power of digital platforms to showcase their products, foster communities, and amplify their message.

From blogs, forums, ecommerce sites, and social media pages, your brand can take advantage of these channels to reach your markets and cultivate a strong community of engaged consumers. It empowers websites and brands by:

    content moderation services depiction internet user smiling looking at laptop
  • Upholding Brand Reputation

    Content moderation acts as a protective shield for safeguarding a company’s brand reputation.

    By diligently applying content moderation guidelines and filtering out any inappropriate, offensive, or misleading content, businesses can effectively maintain the integrity of their online platforms. Ultimately, this commitment to maintaining a positive online reputation plays a pivotal role in attracting customers, fostering trust, and

  • Fostering User Engagement

    Engaged users are the lifeblood of web-enabled companies. Effective content moderation services enhance user experiences by curating relevant, valuable content and eliminating harmful or irrelevant posts. This fosters an environment where users feel valued, leading to increased participation, longer visit durations, and higher interaction rates.

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  • Mitigating Legal Risks

    Without content moderation guidelines, brands expose themselves online to legal liabilities.

    Infringement of copyright, distribution of defamatory content, or hosting illegal activities can lead to lawsuits, fines, and irreversible damage to the company’s financial health and reputation. Proper moderation ensures adherence to legal requirements and industry standards.

  • Nurturing Customer Experiences

    Online platforms often serve as avenues for customer support and feedback. Effective content moderation services enable companies to swiftly address customer inquiries while preventing spam or irrelevant content from clogging communication channels. A streamlined customer support experience enhances overall customer satisfaction.

Content Types That Moderation Teams Ban

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The very freedom you grant potential customers to communicate with you and other customers may also become the opportunity for malicious site visitors to damage your reputation.

So, for businesses that actively encourage user-generated content, content moderation is the linchpin that ensures the content shared by users aligns with established content moderation guidelines, fostering an environment that is secure, respectful, and enjoyable for all participants.

For this, brands must establish robust content moderation practices that not only safeguard their reputation. This entails identifying and categorizing the types of content that demand stringent filtering to ensure that the digital communities they cultivate remain conducive to meaningful connections, informed discussions, and responsible interactions.

  1. Misinformation/Disinformation

    content moderation services middle aged woman internet user shocked reading misinformation disinformation on internet mobile smartphone

    Misinformation contains false information, regardless of whether there’s an intent to mislead. It can range from harmless rumors and urban legends to more serious falsehoods that can have real-world consequences.

    It can be particularly damaging. False claims or inaccurate information about products or services can lead to customer dissatisfaction, loss of trust, and damage to the brand’s reputation.

    Disinformation, on the other hand, refers to false information that is deliberately spread, most commonly for political purposes. Unlike misinformation, disinformation is intentionally misleading and is often created to influence public opinion or achieve specific goals. This type of content can be highly damaging to brands and businesses if they become unwittingly associated with or inadvertently promote disinformation.

  2. Hate Speech and Profanity

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    Profanity and vulgar language aren’t usually allowed in user-generated content on platforms. These words can be offensive, disrespectful, and create a negative user environment.

    Content moderation goes beyond spotting explicit language. Moderators also consider the context. Sometimes, users use strong language without harmful intent, like venting or using casual slang.

    In these cases, moderators assess the intent and potential impact. This approach fairly judges if a comment is hurtful or just emotional expression.

    Hate speech covers expressions promoting hatred, discrimination, or violence based on attributes like race, gender, religion, etc. Content moderators must be vigilant in promptly addressing hate speech.

  3. Violence and Crime

    content moderation services woman internet in the dark shocked covering mouth watching violent crime internet content

    Content moderators diligently spot and delete user content that showcases or encourages criminal violence. This includes physical harm, threats, or any violent behavior.

    They swiftly remove content involving illegal substances or weapons.

    Moderators not only target explicit violence but also take down content promoting common crimes like drug trade, hacking, and cybercrime. Their actions maintain a safe online space.

    They’re especially watchful about self-harm and suicide content. This content is distressing and risky, potentially influencing vulnerable people. Moderators can identify signs and remove such content to ensure safety.

    To prevent harm and legal issues, moderators quickly remove self-harm and suicide content. This keeps users safe, prevents harmful ideas, and follows laws in places where promoting suicide is illegal.

  4. Paid Ads

    content moderation services annoyed woman rolling ayes at internet ads on smartphone

    Content moderators diligently review paid ads to ensure they do not contain defamatory or deceptive content. This involves scrutinizing the claims, representations, or statements made in the ads to prevent misleading or false information from reaching the audience.

    Content moderators are also vigilant in identifying and removing ads that infringe upon the intellectual property rights of other brands or products. This includes situations where the ad content, design, or visual elements may closely resemble or imitate another brand’s intellectual property, such as logos, trademarks, or copyrighted material.

    Depending on the platform and local regulations, content moderators may ban advertisements for specific products. For example, many platforms prohibit ads for tobacco and alcoholic beverages due to legal restrictions or community guidelines.

    Content moderators ensure that these restrictions are enforced to comply with regulations and maintain a responsible advertising environment.

  5. Fake Reviews

    content moderation services annoyed man looking at fake reviews on smartphone

    Fake reviews spread misinformation and disinformation about a product or service. They often include exaggerated or overly subjective comments that aim to dissuade potential customers from engaging with a brand.

    Fake reviews can be detrimental to a business’s reputation, as they create a false perception of its offerings and undermine trust among consumers.

    Content moderators play a crucial role in identifying and removing fake reviews from online platforms. While some fake reviews may be easily recognizable due to their blatant and suspicious nature, others are more sophisticated and require careful analysis.

    Content moderators employ various techniques to sniff out fake reviews, including assessing the authenticity of user identities, cross-referencing multiple reviews for inconsistencies, and monitoring patterns of suspicious behavior.

    User identity is a key factor in distinguishing genuine reviews from fake ones. Content moderators pay close attention to the absence or anonymity of user identities when assessing the credibility of a review.

  6. Unrelated Content

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    Content moderators ensure online platforms offer relevant and valuable content. They maintain discussions aligned with the platform’s purpose, enhancing user experience.

    Off-topic content disrupts discussions, diverting attention and hindering information exchange.

    This content often introduces new, unrelated topics or engages in personal conversations. Such distractions lead to disengagement, confusion, and frustration.

    Moderators are crucial in removing unrelated content, upholding discussion coherence and value.

    Balancing expression and guidelines is key. Diverse opinions are encouraged, but moderators ensure relevance and positive contributions to ongoing discussions.

  7. Doxing

    content moderation services depiction woman staring at tablet reaction to doxing

    One of the most concerning issues online is doxingโ€”an invasive practice that involves the unauthorized disclosure of someone’s personal information, such as their home address, phone number, or other private details.

    Doxing is often intended to cause harm, harassment, or even physical danger to individuals. It presents a significant challenge within the realm of online communities. Content moderation services are at the forefront of identifying and mitigating this harmful behavior, actively scanning for posts that expose personal information without consent.

    By taking swift action to remove doxing-related content, brands send a clear message that such behavior will not be tolerated. This not only shields potential victims from harm but also deters others from engaging in similar actions.

    This reinforces the brand’s commitment to fostering a secure space where users can express themselves without the fear of their personal information being weaponized against them.

    The ability to discern between public information and sensitive personal details is a crucial skill in effectively addressing doxing. They must navigate the fine line between freedom of expression and safeguarding users’ privacy rights.

  8. Intellectual Property Infringement

    content moderation services depiction surprised man staring at intellectual property infringement content on tablet

    Content moderation services play a crucial role in identifying and addressing instances of intellectual property infringement, where unauthorized use of copyrighted images, videos, or other materials violates legal standards.

    Content moderators act as guardians of both creative expression and legal compliance by actively scanning for content that incorporates intellectual property without proper authorization. This includes content that infringes on copyright or trademark laws, potentially causing financial harm to creators and brands alike.

    The implications of intellectual property infringement extend beyond legal matters to encompass broader issues of fairness and ethics. When content is used without proper attribution or permission, creators’ hard work is devalued, and the incentives for future innovation can be compromised.

    Content moderation services’ role in identifying intellectual property infringement involves careful evaluation of content to determine whether it falls within acceptable legal boundaries. This requires a deep understanding of copyright and trademark laws, as well as an awareness of nuanced issues such as fair use and transformative content.

  9. Scams

    content moderation services protecting ecommerce consumers from scams fraud shocked woman with credit card

    In the ever-evolving landscape of online interactions, the battle against scams is a constant endeavor to protect users from falling victim to fraudulent activities and deceit.

    Within this complex realm, content moderation play a pivotal role in identifying and addressing content that is designed to defraud or deceive others, ensuring that the platform remains a safe and trustworthy space.

    Scams, ranging from phishing schemes to fraudulent investment opportunities, pose a substantial threat to users’ financial security and personal information. Content moderation services act as sentinels, actively searching for content that exhibits signs of deception, manipulation, or dishonesty.

    The implications of scams extend beyond immediate financial losses to encompass emotional distress, loss of personal data, and damage to users’ digital well-being.

    By proactively identifying and addressing scams, moderators uphold the platform’s commitment to creating an environment where users can engage without fearing exploitation or falling victim to misleading schemes.

  10. Malware

    content moderation services protecting users from malware attacks phishing schemes terrified woman on laptop

    Malware, a category encompassing an array of malicious software, represents a formidable threat that can infiltrate, disrupt, or compromise digital systems. Content analysts, akin to digital guardians, proactively scour content for signs of phished links or the initiation of drive-by downloadsโ€”tactics commonly employed to deliver harmful software.

    The impact of malware reverberates far beyond momentary inconvenience. Breaches of privacy, the exposure of sensitive data, and the specter of cyber threats loom ominously. Content moderation services are proactive defenders of digital safety, taking decisive action to mitigate the presence of malware-infested content.

    Moderators assume the role of cyber sentinels armed with expertise in identifying and addressing malware. Their arsenal includes the ability to discern potentially malicious links or downloads, thereby preventing users from unwittingly exposing themselves to cyber dangers.

    In tandem with security teams, they must remain attuned to emerging trends in malware, adapting their strategies to ensure they remain a step ahead of the ever-evolving threat landscape.

  11. Nudity and Sexual Content

    content moderation services depiction adult covering children eyes from sexual content on laptop

    The subject of nudity and sexual content requires a discerning eye that is sensitive to cultural norms, context, and the diverse demographic of users. Content moderation services exercise a delicate balance, evaluating content to ascertain whether it adheres to community guidelines.

    They draw on their understanding of context to differentiate between content that is artistic, educational, or within the bounds of acceptability, and content that is explicit or offensive. Explicit content and sexual imagery can have far-reaching implications, including fostering discomfort, perpetuating stereotypes, and violating the comfort zones of users.

    By swiftly identifying and addressing such content, content moderation not only protects users from unsolicited exposure to explicit material but also maintains a space where diverse perspectives can coexist without fear of intrusion.

    Content moderators are tasked with considering the age appropriateness of content when making their moderation decisions. This involves assessing whether content is suitable for a wide range of users, including minors, and upholding standards that align with the platform’s values and objectives.

  12. Illegal Activities

    content moderation services depiction businessman shocked surprised looking at illegal activities on laptop table

    Illegal activities that permeate the online landscape, such as drug trafficking, human trafficking, child exploitation, and other forms of criminal behavior, are scrutinized with a discerning eye. Content moderation services’ role is not merely to identify and report such content, but also to play an active role in maintaining a digital space that is free from the taint of illicit activities.

    As guardians of online ethics, content specialists must undergo rigorous training to identify content that skirts the boundaries of legality. Their expertise allows them to swiftly recognize and respond to content that promotes or engages in criminal behavior.

    By identifying and reporting content that promotes drug trafficking, human trafficking, or any other form of criminal conduct, moderators not only prevent the platform from becoming a hub for illicit activities but also contribute to creating a space where users can engage without fear of encountering harmful or illegal content.

  13. Impersonation

    content moderation services depiction impersonation online stolen identity using laptop

    Impersonation involves the creation of false identities to deceive, manipulate, or mislead othersโ€”a deceptive dance that content moderators are tasked with detecting and unraveling. As the guardians of authenticity, they play a pivotal role in unmasking these digital masquerades and preserving the integrity of online spaces.

    Impersonation takes various forms, from malicious spoofing of public figures to duplicitous attempts to mimic trusted individuals. Content moderation services employ their expertise to recognize subtle cues that hint at an identity’s legitimacy, diving into the metadata, content history, and user behavior to ascertain the veracity of each digital entity.

    The ramifications of unchecked impersonation can range from confusion and misinformation to harm and reputational damage. False accounts can deceive users, leading to misguided interactions or ill-informed decisions.

    By promptly identifying and addressing instances of impersonation, moderators shield users from the pitfalls of digital deception and contribute to the establishment of an online ecosystem that values truth and sincerity.

Automated Content Moderation vs Human Moderators

Sifting through different content types may be too taxing even for a large team of moderators. This is why some content moderation solutions providers opt to have computer vision and machine translation as part of their services.

Using the latest technology in content moderation is definitely helpful, but your partner firm must be careful not to rely on them too much.

However, human content moderators are still better resources for regulating user-generated content involving your brand as they are the ones more capable of learning the real intent of commenters.

Real-Life Controversies That Highlight the Importance of Content Moderation

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There have been several cautionary tales that highlight the importance of content moderation. Here are a few examples:

  • The YouTube Advertiser Boycott

    In 2017, major brands discovered that their advertisements were being shown alongside extremist and offensive content on YouTube. This led to a widespread boycott by advertisers, highlighting the need for robust content moderation practices. YouTube responded by implementing stricter moderation measures and providing advertisers with more control over where their ads are displayed.

  • The Facebook-Cambridge Analytica Scandal

    In 2018, it was revealed that Facebook user data had been harvested without consent by the political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica. The scandal shed light on the potential misuse of user data and the importance of content moderation to prevent unauthorized access and protect user privacy.

  • Twitter Abuse and Harassment

    Twitter has faced criticism for its handling of abusive and harassing content on its platform. Several high-profile cases of cyberbullying and online harassment have demonstrated the negative impact that inadequate content moderation can have on individuals and communities. This has led to calls for stronger moderation measures to ensure a safer and more inclusive environment.

  • Airbnb Discrimination

    Airbnb faced scrutiny over reports of discrimination by hosts against guests based on factors such as race or ethnicity. These incidents highlighted the need for content moderation to identify and address discriminatory practices, ensuring that platforms are inclusive and provide equal opportunities for all users.

  • YouTube Child Exploitation Content

    YouTube has faced challenges with inappropriate content targeting children. Despite efforts to prevent such content, instances of child exploitation videos slipping through the moderation process have been reported. This underscores the importance of continuous improvement in content moderation systems and the need to protect vulnerable user groups.

These cautionary tales emphasize the negative consequences that can arise from insufficient or ineffective content moderation. They serve as reminders of the vital role content moderation plays in safeguarding user experiences, maintaining trust, and protecting brand reputation.

By learning from these examples, your business can prioritize robust content moderation practices to create a safer and more positive online environment.

Outsourcing Content Moderation for Your Business

outsourcing content moderation services team

Outsourcing content moderation has become increasingly important in today’s digital landscape, where brands need to maintain a positive online presence while ensuring user-generated content aligns with their brand values and guidelines.

Content moderation involves reviewing, filtering, and managing user-generated content across various platforms such as social media, online communities, forums, and websites. It plays a crucial role in protecting your brand reputation, maintaining a safe online environment, and engaging with your audience effectively.

Here are some key reasons why outsourcing content moderation can greatly benefit your brand:

  • Expertise and Efficiency

    Outsourcing content moderation allows you to tap into the expertise of dedicated professionals who are trained and experienced in handling different types of content. These experts are well-versed in understanding community guidelines, identifying inappropriate or harmful content, and taking prompt action to address any violations.

    By outsourcing, you gain access to a team that can efficiently review and moderate a large volume of content, ensuring timely responses and maintaining a positive user experience.

  • Scalability and Flexibility

    As your brand grows and your online presence expands, the volume of user-generated content increases as well. Outsourcing content moderation provides you with the flexibility to scale up or down your moderation efforts based on your needs. A reliable outsourcing partner can quickly adapt to fluctuations in content volume, ensuring efficient and consistent moderation even during peak periods or special events.

  • 24/7 Coverage

    User-generated content can be posted at any time, requiring continuous moderation to maintain a safe and engaging online environment. Outsourcing content moderation allows you to have round-the-clock coverage, ensuring that potentially harmful or inappropriate content is addressed promptly. This proactive approach helps mitigate risks and maintains the integrity of your brand.

  • Multilingual Support

    If your brand operates in multiple countries or caters to a diverse audience, outsourcing content moderation can provide access to a team of moderators proficient in different languages. This is especially beneficial for accurately understanding and moderating content in different regions, preventing cultural misunderstandings or misinterpretations.

  • Focus on Core Competencies

    Outsourcing content moderation frees up your internal resources, allowing your team to focus on core competencies and strategic initiatives. By offloading the time-consuming task of content moderation to experts, you can redirect your energy and resources towards business growth, product development, and customer engagement.

outsourcing content moderation moderator thinking deeply deciding on website content

Outsourcing content moderation provides brands with specialized expertise, scalability, flexibility, 24/7 coverage, multilingual support, and the ability to focus on core competencies.

By partnering with a trusted outsourcing provider, you can ensure effective content moderation, protect your brand reputation, foster a positive online community, and deliver a safe and engaging user experience.

If your business is struggling to assemble a content strategy team or is in need of moderators that will overlook contents on your online platforms, Open Access BPO is the right partner for you. As a back office outsourcing provider, we can do content moderation services for you, so contact us today if you want to begin a meaningful partnership with us.

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