How to outsource to the Philippines: Let teach you

How to outsource to the Philippines: Let teach you

July 22, 2013

Undeniably, outsourcing to the Philippines offers countless opportunities for a majority of businesses. The country’s outsourcing industry encompasses diverse industries, particularly the IT-Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Health Information Management (HIM) sectors.

In fact, the local BPO industry clocked in $12 million for 2012 with the hopes of increasing the revenue to $15 million by 2016. With such positive growth, it is only to be expected that the country hosts a plethora of BPO firms that are competing for the same chunk of the market.

But with that many players in place, how do you determine which firm would work best for your ideals?

The premise

Like most things in life, outsourcing could be a case of hit-and-miss. While there are countless reputable BPO firms, there are also fraudulent companies whose sole goal is to scam you for your money. To avoid being swindled, founder John Jonas teaches businesses how to make more money despite doing less: by outsourcing to the Philippines.

He offers free pointers on where to find the right people and how much money you should expect to shell out. Similarly, he offers other services for a fee, such as finding the right personnel for you and training them. Jonas offers to teach companies the basics on how they can maximize their potential by outsourcing business processes to the Philippines.

Thanks to the budding promise of, the company now offers an affiliate program to help spread the word about its goals. This includes numerous benefits and monetary incentives, in the form of a referral and commission system.

A classic case of outsourcing

While Jonas’ business offers an outline of what businesses should look for when outsourcing, companies would be able to save more if they tap established BPO firms such as Open Access. Open Access offers customizable services that could respond to your every business need.

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