Philippine outsourcing sect inspires business continuity white paper


Recent tragedies have yet again reminded the world of how preparedness can save a business. Using the resilience of the Philippine outsourcing industry as an inspiration, Open Access BPO has released a white paper that consolidates business continuity planning methods to help fellow companies stand undisrupted amidst any calamity.

“Business as Usual: A Paper on Business Continuity Planning for Disaster Recovery” tackles the importance of having a business continuity plan (BCP) to prepare for business threats like natural calamities and data loss.


The report highlights key stages of BCP such as defining threats, staff training, and recovery stage. Asset protection through backup tactics and employee management are also outlined, including actions to be taken during actual emergencies, and measures to help speed up recovery.

Open Access hopes the research to serve as a pattern that responsible leaders can follow on to prepare their business for the worst and ensure its continuous operations.

“Business as Usual” can be used to strengthen current BCPs and give other industries the kind of endurance that helped the Philippine outsourcing industry survive. The full report is free to download.

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