Defining Telemarketing in the Philippines

Defining Telemarketing in the Philippines

July 10, 2013
telemarketing in the philippines

Telemarketing in the Philippines refers to services that generate interest in a company s products and services to convert leads into actual sales. While sales and telemarketing were previously separate parts of the spectrum, telemarketing in the Philippines encompasses both.
Philippine-based call centers train their agents to be proficient in all aspects of telemarketing. Some of the more prominent services are as follows:

    • Lead generation - Refers to proactive marketing in which agents would generate a list of contacts and prospects. This is done by cold calling numbers or contacting persons who initially expressed interest in a particular product or service through market research, surveys, and other methods.


    • Lead qualification - Agents will then verify the leads included on the aforementioned list and will gauge an individual s response to the clients products and services. If the leads are interested, they would be referred to the sales team. Otherwise, they would be removed from the list.


    • Sales - The sales team would then call the qualified leads to provide persuasive arguments in order to close deals. Sales could also be performed inbound, such as when customers call a company’s hotline to avail of deals being advertised. This way, agents don t have to call customers and ask them to buy their products.


  • Customer service - Some inbound calls would fall under customer service. This includes inquiries about new products, complaints or customer requests. In these cases, the customer service agent would need to transfer the calls to the appropriate departments, or ensure that the client s requests or complaints would be sufficiently addressed.

These services ensure that telemarketing clients in the Philippines will get the best possible deals, as Filipino call center agents are poised to provide support in all aspects of telemarketing. From generating interest and leads to actually converting calls into sales, call center agents in the Philippines can accomplish these functions effectively.

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