What is the main reason for technical support outsourcing?

What is the main reason for technical support outsourcing?

October 11, 2013

Many brands, especially those selling software and consumer electronics are engaging in technical support outsourcing. This is often viewed as a smart business option for the many benefits it offers, with cost reduction as the primary advantage.

Outsourcing to save costs

In order to maintain a high level of competitiveness and keep turnover low, companies need to offer competitive salaries to their employees, along with standard benefits. However, a team of in-house tech support representatives working full time can be rather expensive.

Outsourcing to lower wage countries is a viable solution to this challenging financial situation without having to lower a firm’s productivity standards.
The offshore service provider will take full responsibility in hiring and training support representatives, and will even invest in the necessary resources, such as hardware and software upgrades. This presents significant savings from operational and infrastructure expenses, especially as the business grows and as the demand for staffing increases.

It also allows for flexibility, enabling you to scale your team up or down to fit your needs or budget. Additional help is easily available when the volume of calls become unmanageable, and you may downsize your remote team accordingly when there’s a reduced volume of customer issues reported. As such, you only pay for services when you need them.

Aside from these, you can hire specialists at a fraction of the standard costs when you are outsourcing technical support. In the Philippines, tech support representatives are not your average call center staff. Most of them are college graduates that specialize in specific technical skill sets, which means they are more than capable of answering technical queries.

To sum it all up, outsourcing offers many benefits, with reduced or controlled costs as one of the most important ones. Outsourcing allows businesses to improve their support services while spending less money, time, and resources on a non core process.

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