Why Call Centers in the Philippines Keep a Fun Work Environment

Luis Anthony Oliveros Published on January 21, 2014

The global outsourcing industry has definitely put the Philippines on the international business map, providing customer support and back office services to various industries.

call centers in the Philippines having fun activity

The southeast Asian nation has been attracting companies from nearly all industries to put their faith in the once virtually unknown business practice that is outsourcing.

This is largely due to the cost-effective solutions that business process outsourcing (BPO) companies are offering, and the excellent work that the Filipino workers are providing.

While working the phone lines for hours may seem tedious, it’s not all work for reps working in call centers in the Philippines. Compared to most industries in the country, call centers are known for providing a fun and positive workplace for their employees.

The Challenges Faced by Call Centers

Despite the industry’s success, call centers face unique challenges that impact their operations and employee satisfaction.

One of the primary challenges is high turnover rates and attrition. Call center jobs can be demanding and stressful, leading to burnout and dissatisfaction among employees.

The nature of the work, which often involves handling a large volume of customer inquiries and resolving complex issues, can contribute to the high turnover rates in the industry. This constant churn of employees puts a strain on call center operations and incurs additional costs for recruitment and training.

Moreover, the monotonous and repetitive nature of call center work can further contribute to employee dissatisfaction. Answering similar questions or dealing with challenging customer interactions can become mentally exhausting over time.

This monotony can lead to decreased job satisfaction and disengagement among call center agents. As a result, finding effective ways to combat the monotonous nature of the job and boost employee morale becomes crucial for call centers.

The Value of Fun in the Workplace

The operative word here is fun. Unfortunately, not all companies acknowledge its value. Some may even regard it as counter-productive and influences workplace inefficiencies that prevent employees from doing their work and consequently prohibit the company from reaching its business goals.

Call centers in the Philippines, on the other hand, simply operate differently. They understand entirely how valuable fun is. These companies even encourage it, allocating budgets and designating Employee Engagement officers to develop workplace cultures that are open and fun to keep their workers happy and thoroughly motivated.

call centers in the Philippines know how to have fun office chair race

Keeping employees satisfied with their jobs and the company they work for offers a lot of benefits for businesses. For starters, employees look forward to coming to work every day and are motivated to attend to their daily responsibilities.

Employees need this, given how stressful their work can be. Having fun activities in the workplace every now and then eases stress, lightens the mood, and raises morale.

It also helps boost office productivity, which can improve performance quality, increase revenues, and ensure targeted goals are met efficiently.

Moreover, having a fun corporate culture reduces absences and helps lower employee attrition rates.

Similarly, a positive workspace also influences creativity—something managers and those in the higher-ups will find valuable when managing their teams and when developing business strategies.

Injecting Fun in a Busy Industry

Given its advantages, many call centers in the Philippines are implementing ways to make their offices fun environments for their employees.

Here are ways you can inject some fun into your workplace.

  • Spruce Up the Operations Floor

    call centers in the Philippines color swatches choosing for office paint

    Positive visuals can really help put your employees in a sunny disposition every single workday. Liven up the workplace with colors and objects they can associate with fun and happiness.

    The color scheme of the walls, carpets, and cubicle dividers play a crucial part here as it can affect moods. You can also add decorations around the office that show bright colors and invoke memories, such framed popular comic books, video games, or music album covers.

  • Gamify Tasks

    fun call centers in the Philippines reps raising hands laughing

    Not entirely a new concept, gamification adds key gaming elements to everyday activities.

    This involves devising a scoring system for completing tasks or goals, and, of course, accompanying rewards. When properly rolled out, it can greatly engage employees in the spirit of competition against each other, resulting in improved performance quality and the efficient completion of tasks.

  • Fun Activities in and Outside the Office

    call centers in the Philippines pizza party

    Call centers in the Philippines commonly find other fun activities for their employees to take part in, aside from your usual annual holiday events, summer tours, and team-building trips.

    Many of these companies hold events like film showings, bake sales and cook-offs, and potlucks in the office mess hall. Some even do themed costume days (modified Casual Friday) and start small chess competitions, art contests or sports tournaments, among many other fun activities.

    All these are meant to encourage employees to engage with each other and break up the monotony during and after work shifts.

The Impact of Physical Changes to a Fun Call Center Work Environment

customer centric depiction company executive chatting with employees

Sprucing up the operations floor of a Philippine call center can have a significant impact on creating a fun and engaging work culture. The physical environment plays a crucial role in shaping employees’ attitudes, motivation, and overall job satisfaction.

By transforming the operations floor into an inviting and vibrant space, call centers can foster a sense of enjoyment, collaboration, and productivity.

Here’s how sprucing up the operations floor can make a Philippine call center’s work culture fun:

  • Inspire with Engaging Visuals

    Incorporate engaging visuals throughout the operations floor to create a visually stimulating environment. Use vibrant colors, motivational quotes, and inspiring images that reflect the company’s values, mission, and customer-centric focus.

    Wall decals, posters, and digital displays can enhance the overall ambiance and serve as reminders of the team’s purpose and goals. The visual aesthetics can energize employees, enhance their mood, and create a positive work atmosphere.

  • Create Comfortable Workstations

    call centers in the philippines agent comfortable contact center chair assisting customer

    Provide ergonomic and comfortable workstations for call center agents. Invest in adjustable chairs, ergonomic keyboards, and monitor setups to support good posture and reduce physical strain.

    Ensure that workstations are spacious and well-organized to allow for smooth workflow and easy access to essential tools and resources. Comfortable workstations contribute to better focus, productivity, and overall well-being, enhancing the enjoyment of work.

  • Implement Collaborative Spaces

    In addition to individual workstations, create collaborative spaces where employees can gather and interact. Designate areas with comfortable seating, whiteboards, or interactive displays to encourage brainstorming, knowledge sharing, and teamwork.

    These spaces can serve as hubs for spontaneous discussions, problem-solving sessions, or informal meetings. Encouraging collaboration fosters a sense of camaraderie, strengthens relationships among team members, and adds an element of fun to the work environment.

  • Enhance Acoustics and Soundscapes

    Noise levels in a call center can impact employee well-being and concentration. Implement measures to enhance acoustics, such as using sound-absorbing materials, installing acoustic panels, or utilizing white noise machines.

    A quieter and more controlled soundscape helps reduce distractions and create a calmer working environment. It allows employees to focus on customer interactions and enhances their overall work experience.

  • Celebrate Achievements with Recognition Walls

    Designate recognition walls where call center agents’ achievements, milestones, and positive customer feedback are displayed. Celebrate outstanding performance, teamwork, and individual contributions.

    Displaying accomplishments publicly not only boosts morale but also reinforces a culture of recognition and appreciation. It creates a sense of pride and motivation among employees, making the work environment more enjoyable and rewarding.

  • Incorporate Plants and Greenery

    Introduce plants and greenery into the operations floor to bring a sense of nature and freshness. Indoor plants have been shown to improve air quality, reduce stress, and increase productivity.

    Choose low-maintenance plants that can thrive indoors, such as peace lilies or spider plants. Additionally, consider creating a small indoor garden or vertical green walls to add a touch of nature and tranquility to the workspace.

  • Solicit Employee Feedback and Involvement

    Involve employees in the process of sprucing up the operations floor. Seek their input and suggestions on how to improve the work environment and make it more enjoyable. Conduct surveys or focus groups to gather ideas and preferences.

    By involving employees in decision-making and incorporating their feedback, they feel valued and engaged in the process, leading to a sense of ownership and increased satisfaction with the work culture.

These tips can help call centers foster a positive and enjoyable work environment. Investing in the physical aspects of the workplace demonstrates a commitment to employee well-being, morale, and job satisfaction, ultimately leading to increased productivity and success in the call center industry.

Addressing Common Concerns and Criticisms

call centers in the Philippines employees thinking deeply in contact center

While creating a fun work environment is crucial, it is essential to strike a balance between fun and productivity. Some may argue that too much focus on fun can distract employees from their core responsibilities. However, when implemented strategically, a fun work environment can enhance productivity rather than hinder it.

call centers in the Philippines having fun in contact center with coworkers

By aligning fun activities with business goals and incorporating them into the work processes, call centers can ensure that enjoyable initiatives contribute to overall organizational success. This may include integrating elements of fun into training programs, team meetings, or performance management systems.

Measuring the impact of a fun work environment can be challenging. However, call centers can use various metrics to gauge the effectiveness of their efforts. Employee satisfaction surveys can provide valuable insights into the level of enjoyment and engagement among employees.

Retention rates can indicate the success of creating a positive work environment and reducing turnover. Additionally, customer feedback and satisfaction scores can reflect the impact of a fun work environment on the overall customer experience. By monitoring these metrics, call centers can evaluate the effectiveness of their initiatives and make adjustments as necessary.

call centers in the philippines excited team with happy contact center team leader

Companies need to understand that professionalism does not necessarily equate to being serious and mundane all the time. The strict rules and schedules within a business may keep workers focused on achieving their goals, but keeping fun and positive work environment can also be more beneficial.

call centers in the Philippines laughing agents before meeting

It can provide a much-needed work-life balance that keeps employees happy and motivated to take on their tasks no matter how stressful their day can get.

Amidst the challenges faced by the industry, investing in a positive and enjoyable workplace brings numerous benefits. Employee engagement, productivity, retention, and customer satisfaction all improve when employees feel valued and have a sense of enjoyment in their work.

By implementing strategies such as team-building activities, gamification, employee recognition, and fostering a collaborative culture, call centers can create an environment that fosters growth, happiness, and success.

As the call center industry in the Philippines continues to thrive, the significance of a fun work environment will remain integral to its sustained growth and prosperity.

Like most call centers in the Philippines, Open Access BPO provides an upbeat work environment for its employees—from the positive and open culture of diversity and inclusivity to the employee engagement activities.

All these ensure they are well motivated to provide our clients with high-quality call center solutions.

Contact us today and we’ll create a program for your needs.


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