Why call centers in the Philippines uphold client confidentiality

Why call centers in the Philippines uphold client confidentiality

OABPO Blog Team Published on March 10, 2014

Any company that provides customer support services must uphold client confidentiality. As client assistance is one of the core functions of call centers in the Philippines, safeguarding the information they collect from customers is their top priority.

Client confidentiality equates to efficient customer satisfaction


Assuring the customers that the contact center will professionally handle the information they give will encourage clients to give honest, detailed information about their problems. They will not hold out information that can be crucial in solving their issues. And as a result, the call center representatives will be able to efficiently come up with precise and suitable solutions based on the accurate details they collected from customers.

Client confidentiality should especially be maintained by call centers offering healthcare information management (HIM) services where unauthorized release of your client’s medical condition and family history could have potentially damaging effects to their lives.

Firms that provide telemarketing services should be equally mindful about divulging clients’ contact information to fellow businesses. They should respect their customer’s wish to not receive sales calls as part of their compliance with the Telemarketing Sales Rule. Numbers under the Do Not Call Registry should likewise be removed from your agents’ calling list until the owners of those contact details decide to have themselves removed from the registry.

Business eligibility

The Philippine government has enacted several laws mandating the service industry to protect its consumers along with the personal information they give. Being under this sector, call centers in the Philippines abide by client protection laws such as the Consumer Act of the Philippines of 1991 and Data Privacy Act of 2011. The latter obliges data collectors and processors to protect personal information stored in communications systems used by the government and private sector.

Policies and regulations specified for the banking sector were created to “encourage the development of fair and economically sound consumer credit practices” and promote consumer awareness on the costs of financial services. Philippine call centers may not be directly under the finance sector, but outsourcing firms involved in crediting and billing adhere to the same rules, as failure to meet government criteria makes them liable to legal actions and severe penalties aside from the possible revenue loss.


A company’s adherence to the agreement that no client information should be disclosed to an outside entity without the customer’s consent reflects the company’s business ethics. Client confidentiality should be maintained by all call centers in the Philippines because it is in their line of work to build the customers’ trust in order to serve them accordingly.

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