Why every call center in the Philippines should align employee goals

Why every call center in the Philippines should align employee goals

April 7, 2014

Goal alignment is one of the many things that clients want to be sure of before outsourcing to a call center in the Philippines. They see to it that the visions of the outsourcing firm correspond with their business goals to guarantee the partnership’s success. This alignment, however, doesn’t stop at the managerial level.
As we explained before, everyone in the company should recognize and achieve a collective goal. It’s even considered as the second most important process that contact centers must work on, as stated in a 2012 survey by call center technology supplier, Knowlagent. By setting one set of goals for every department, team, and agent to accomplish, the call center gains these benefits:

1. Increased profitability

Employees become more engaged with their work if they clearly understand how their individual goals contribute to the whole organization. Knowing that the success of the call center campaign relies on them, they focus and involve themselves more. This productivity and efficiency boost will then help increase the profitability and operating margins of the contact center.

2. Quick and effective campaign execution


Goal alignment starts with understanding each member’s goals and knowing which goals to prioritize. Taking these steps will enable the call center to effectively assign the right talents to your campaigns. This will also expose and eliminate redundant initiatives, thus helping the management execute campaign strategies faster.

3. Reduced employee attrition

Another benefit of increased employee engagement through goal alignment is lower attrition rates. Having goals aligned gives employees a clearer view of their responsibilities and career path. This, in return, could increase their satisfaction, which is a factor in lengthening employee tenure.

Walking the same direction and working as a whole benefits not just the call center outsourcing deal but everyone involved in it as well. How can your outsourced call center gain these three advantages? Watch out for our future post where we will list tips for aligning employee goals.
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