Can I use content moderation to manage customer experience?

Can I use content moderation to manage customer experience?

OABPO Blog Team Published on May 2, 2014

As customer experience management (CEM) is done by studying interactions between customers and brands, companies rely on customer service channels to gather insights that are useful for their service-tailoring endeavors. Most of them primarily monitor call center logs and purchase history to know the pulse of their market and foster loyalty as a result. As technology evolved, businesses discovered newer customer service channels where they gather market feedback at the same time. Now, non-voice platforms such as email, live chat, and social media are also used in managing customer experience.
Since almost every tool and activity used in engaging with users and buyers is also used in CEM, a question is raised regarding the effectiveness of another process in tracking consumer-brand interaction. Content moderation is not exactly a customer service practice, but can brands use this to manage customer experience?
All customer touch points can be used


CEM is a collection of processes strategized to know the true wants and expectations of customers. Therefore, any company that wants to have effective CEM practices must utilize known points of contact where customer engagement is high.
It doesn’t necessarily mean that you should exclusively use customer service channels in CEM; they only became the commonly used tools because these are where customers mostly voice their concerns. So if you can get a lot of useful market data from user-generated content (UGC) sent to your website, then your content moderation process can double as a CEM tool.
What can moderators find out?
Depending on the types of content being moderated, the moderators can gather community activities and trends that are useful in shaping future interactions with users. For example, if forum members frequently complain about the site’s usability and interface through comments, you should consider redesigning the portal for their convenience. If authors are having problems uploading their image submissions, you should also look into this possible flaw. If you notice many visitors violating posting guidelines, try reviewing whether your rules are fair, well-disseminated, or appropriate for the type of creators and audience your website has.
Content moderation is indeed a useful method for keeping your online community free from unwanted content and security threats while making sure that each post can boost web clickability. Knowing that it can also be a useful avenue for managing customer experience, it only presses its importance in every website that welcomes UGC.

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