Does onshore outsourcing help businesses?

Does onshore outsourcing help businesses?

February 12, 2014

Onshoring is a type of outsourcing deal between two companies that operate in the same country.

Just like nearshoring, businesses that send out services to a local provider benefit from the location’s language and culture.

Advantages of onshoring

Businesses that outsource locally are able to save travel and communication costs that commonly come with setting up overseas operations and training foreign staff to meet your company’s demands. When you outsource to a foreign location, you would have to undergo long travels for site visits. With onshoring, this can be minimized.

customer support team in onshore outsourcing call center

Aside from that, you get to closely monitor outsourced operations to assure that they are done according to your standards. Onshoring works best for those in the manufacturing industry where the quality of products made in every production site should be consistent.

Having a customer service team who speaks the same language as your customers and thinks along the cultural mindset of your market could bridge the gap between your brand and your customers. This solves the communication problem that may arise between you and your outsourced staff in another continent. There, you may have a hard time relaying orders, or worse, you may not engage with your customers efficiently.

Moreover, you won’t have a problem with conflicting customer demands and staff availability, as both your market and team are located in the same time zone.


Onshore outsourcing indeed lets you save travel and communication costs, as well as bridge the lingual and cultural gap between you and your market. Communication and time conflicts can also be minimized because of the geographic benefits brought by this outsourcing model.

While many may find offshore outsourcing as a cheaper option, the conflicts from cultural, lingual, and geographic differences may bring more harm than good to the overall cost efficiency of this venture. Open Access BPO’s OnshoreTM provides businesses an option to embrace outsourcing without worrying about how distance and time may affect your business. Get in touch with us to get the right solution for your customers.

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