How data analytics helps a Philippine call center

How data analytics helps a Philippine call center

OABPO Blog Team Published on April 30, 2014

Perhaps every Philippine call center has applications that handle data analytics in place to gain customer insight and study employee performance. From the information contact centers gather, they are able to fine-tune their customer service approach according to how their customers want the service to be delivered. Simultaneously, they identify agent performance areas that need improvement or concentration. So in a nutshell, call center analytics systems help companies by boosting employee performance and customer satisfaction.

Top performing agents


Through data analytics, a call center can point out weak areas and equip underperforming agents with the necessary skills to deliver above satisfactory results. Their regular training sessions can base on the gathered data from individual performances so that all employees know what to hone and eventually outperform themselves.

Desktop and Speech analytics are particular types of analytics that enable call centers to attain these benefits. Companies use speech analytics to monitor interactions between the phone representatives and the customers. By recording or listening to calls, leaders can tell whether an agent adheres to scripts, applies best practices, or meets satisfactory scores on predefined key performance indicators.

Speech analytics is also used when coaching agents to help improve first call resolution, thus reducing the need for follow-ups. This means that the team could lower the call volume in the long run.

Stronger ties with customers

Call centers analyze market data mainly to improve customer experience. Insights and feedback gathered from speech, text, and self-service analytics can be used to identify what the customers need, want, and expect from the brand so that the company can work on meeting those.


Moreover, data analytics programs can gauge satisfaction level, product reception, and effectiveness of communication approaches among various consumer demographics. Studying how each customer responds (intonation, mentioned products) to offers will help call centers personalize selling pitches and meet each customer’s specific needs.

Analytics technologies are indeed beneficial to Philippine call center operations. As they are continuously expanding, companies may find newer, more innovative ways other than the ones mentioned to identify key performance areas and measure customer satisfaction in the future.

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