How to tell if you need multilingual call center services

How to tell if you need multilingual call center services

May 26, 2014

How can you tell if your business needs to outsource multilingual voice services? Open Access BPO presents some of the signs.
Outsourcing business processes to a call center, be it in the Philippines or any top outsourcing destination, comes to the mind of businesses whose growth entails demands that are expanding along with their markets. They outsource call center services to cut costs, focus on core competencies, and make themselves available to their customers for longer hours and through more communication platforms.

These are the three common telltale signs that a company needs the help of a vendor in taking care of their customers. These same clues can also manifest if a business needs to employ multilingual call center solutions, but there are more specific indications that you need to take note of, lest your organization reaches the point when you consider outsourcing. Here are some of the signs:

1.   You operate in multiple nations.

You should highly consider outsourcing multilingual voice services if you operate in more than one country, especially if your operation sites have different official languages. A unified call center for all your offsite offices will make for easy relaying of concerns, not just between your company and customers, but also between your foreign and local employees.


2.   You have a global brand.

Even if you only operate in your mother country, you still need multilingual call center services if your brand is widely distributed across the globe. As your product is used by people from different nations, living in different time zones, and speaking different languages, you need to be ready to give assistance according to the time and language that the customers demand.


3.   You need to widen your market reach.

Global brands are not the only ones that can benefit from multilingual business solutions. Those that aim to reach this global status can partner with outsourcing firms that can promote the brand to international markets. Being available round-the-clock and delivering service in more than one language give you an edge, as these steps set you apart from competitors that have yet to tap into call center outsourcing as an image-building and marketing tool.

4.   You run a website.

E-commerce sites, online communities, and social networks that are available in different languages should provide phone assistance to members who are having a hard time setting up an account, confused with site policies, and uncomfortable with giving sensitive details, like credit card information, to web forms.

Seeing how multilingual call centers help businesses reach their international markets, it’s no wonder why multilingual call center outsourcing is steadily growing as one of the most in-demand niches. If your company falls under any of the indications, then it might be time for you to outsource as well.

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