WEEKEND LINK ROUNDUP | The Road to a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

WEEKEND LINK ROUNDUP | The Road to a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

Luis Anthony Oliveros Published on June 17, 2022

call centers and diversity

  • Managing Diversity in Multilingual Call Centers

    Multilingual call centers are home to people of different cultures. They must carry out cultural competency strategies to ensure a harmonious and progressive relationship among their workers.

  • Cultural Sensitivity Training for Bilingual Call Centers

    Cross-cultural communication may be particularly challenging for agents with minimal exposure to various cultures. This makes cultural sensitivity training all the more relevant for contact center agents.

  • 5 Challenges in Managing a Multilingual Call Center Team

    Having culturally diverse teams can bring a hodgepodge of ideas and result to smart innovations, multiple perspectives can lead to plenty of friction. Tackling these 5 challenges can boost your multilingual call center’s performance.

  • 6 Helpful Solutions for Managing Workplace Diversity Challenges

    Brands must understand that discrimination and harassment have no space in modern times. Here’s how prioritizing diversity and inclusion programs enable brands to win against workplace diversity challenges.

  • TED: How Diversity Makes Teams More Innovative

    Are diverse companies really more innovative? This TED Talk dives into the data and explains how your company can start producing fresher, more creative ideas by treating diversity as a competitive advantage.

  • The Road to a Diversified BPO Workplace

    Multiculturalism is an indelible part of Open Access BPO’s daily operations. We embrace diversity and commit to empowering our employees. We celebrate them and their authentic selves.

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Open Access BPO8 hours ago
#Email is one of the most important #CustomerService channels.
The key to optimizing it is to ensure that your messages are easy to digest and straight to the point.

Here are 7 tips for effective communication via email: https://buff.ly/3npmN9M

Let a multichannel #CustomerService expert do the work for you: OpenAccessBPO.com/get-started

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#EmailSupport #MultichannelCustomerService
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Open Access BPO4 days ago
More than a celebration, #Pride is a commemoration of a violent past that gave light to the LGBTQIA+ community's plights.

We asked some Open Access BPO employees what they resist against and for: https://buff.ly/3HSZbDF

#CelebratePride #Pride #PrideMonth
#PrideMonth2022 #LGBTpride #FBF #FlashbackFriday
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Open Access BPO5 days ago
After the pandemic restrictions, communities are coming together for #Pride. Open Access BPO is also participating in the Pride festivities tomorrow.

But first, let's take a look back at the multilingual call center's first Pride March in 2019.

#PrideMonth #PrideMonth2022
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Open Access BPO5 days ago
Cultural sensitivity training is a must in #outsourcing companies, especially for those with global clients and a multicultural workforce.

Here are 5 tips for refining your agents' intercultural communication skills: https://buff.ly/3Oi7Bae

Outsource to our diverse team of industry experts: OpenAccessBPO.com/get-started

#CulturalDIversity #inclusivity
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Open Access BPO6 days ago
Between a #BPO employee's responsibilities at work and at home, fully taking care of one's self can be challenging.
#Outsourcing companies must take on a proactive stance in empowering their employees to ensure self-care: https://buff.ly/3Oc5Awb

We take on a proactive stance in empowering our employees: OpenAccessBPO.com/get-started

#EmployeeEngagement #SelfCare
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Open Access BPO is at Robinsons Summit Center.7 days ago
Robinsons Summit Center
The Philippine Red Cross recently conducted a First Aid and Basic Life Support Training for Open Access BPO employees.

The two-day activity was held in the multilingual call center's new workspace in Robinsons Summit Center in Makati City, Philippines. This is the second training conducted by the non-profit organization for Open Access BPO, helping provide employees with the basic instructions for administering first aid during medical emergencies.

The first training session was held last month: https://buff.ly/39Jkgnm

Learn more about our initiatives and employee engagement activities: OpenAccessBPO.com/get-started

#FirstAidTraining #HealthAndSafety
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