What do Philippine call center agents need to increase productivity?

What do Philippine call center agents need to increase productivity?

January 10, 2014

Having a monotonous type of work can cause one to lose productivity, which is a common hindrance to cubicle dwellers including Philippine call center agents.
Call center representatives deal with irate customers on a daily basis while meeting quota, so it’s no wonder they are prone to burnout, a major cause for work quality decline. So if your agents are unproductive, expect call waiting time and abandonment rate to double.
How can you prevent your employees’ productivity from spiraling down? There is a ton of ways to do so, but the following should be present in every productivity-inducing effort you carry out:



A comfortable work environment is a crucial factor in boosting productivity on the floor. Your employees’ workstation should have enough moving space and dependable office equipment, including chairs, desks, and lights. If any of these facilities cause distraction or discomfort, your workers’ attention will be divided between work and environmental irritants.


A leader is called a leader for a reason—he leads and motivates others to strive to achieve a certain goal. Your call center employees should get motivation from you, be it in the form of encouraging words, fun activities, or gifts.


Studies have concluded that workers are driven to perform their best when they feel that they contribute greatly to the business and have an impact on the customers. Remind your team about the importance of their role in the company so that they find purpose in every task they do.


Your team deserves a reward, especially if they endured times of immense pressure, such as the holiday season. For exceeding quotas or showing up for work when everyone else is celebrating with loved ones, you could give your team incentives or an extra time off. And for those who excelled in performance or showed leadership potential, why not put them up for a promotion?
It can be hard to stay focused and productive in a Philippine call center and in any other workplace. After all, everyone experiences downtime. It’s no sin, but it should be countered with the right measures to keep the business and everyone’s spirit up and running.

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