First Step to Amazing Customer Service: Hire the Right People

OABPO Blog Team Published on January 28, 2015 Last updated on August 28, 2023

Poor customer service is not always a result of ineffective management or flawed policies. In most cases, the improper execution of customer service strategies is what causes a brand to lose customers.

As business leaders or managers, choosing the people who will be part of the organization is one of your most influential responsibility.

job applicant shaking hands with recruitment team

Delivering remarkable experiences to customers not only builds loyalty but also enhances brand reputation and fosters long-term relationships. However, achieving this level of service excellence starts with a fundamental step: hiring the right people for your customer service team.

You can think of many ways to improve your services, but if your frontline personnel can’t do the job well, these plans will all be useless. It’s, therefore safe, to say that the people manning your customer service desks or the agents from your call center in the Philippines play a huge part in your customer service success.

This is exactly why hiring people for your customer service is one of your most important challenges. The people you gather are the same people who will interact with your valued clients. They’re the face of your company’s daily operation. If you hire the best employees, you’re paving your way to impressive and memorable customer experiences.

Hiring is the Best Place to Start

Who you choose to greet customers in your store, respond to complaints over the phone, or answer customer emails all have a significant impact on how high your customers perceive your business value to be.

The people you hire will be the face of your company’s daily operation. If you hire the best employees, you’re paving your way to impressive and memorable customer experiences.

Every customer service employee can either fortify or weaken your overall customer service culture. People get hired because managers think they uphold the same values that their brands are keeping alive. These values are what you promise to offer to your current and prospective customers.

If the people you hire can’t live up to these promises, your service image won’t look authentic to your market. In other words, your workforce is your customers’ measuring stick as to whether you can fulfill your commitments or not.

How Good and Bad Hires Affect Your Reputation

Building a team of excellent workers can impact your bottom line. The effect of having hardworking and reliable customer service representatives can be felt right away.

They perform better and even stay with your company longer than the rest. They also serve as a business asset that can attract good talents to join your organization. You now get to have more people with amazing work attitudes who will individually contribute to your customer service success.

customer service call center applicant resume on HR table with pen glasses

On the other hand, hiring the wrong people can cause damage to your brand. Bad hires are a waste of investment. In fact, the amount you allocate for their salaries is nothing compared to how much more you will have to spend when looking for replacements once they leave you. Precious time is not only lost in recruiting employees but in training them as well.

This process can directly or indirectly affect your customers’ loyalty. Sales may be lost when customers think you have incompetent employees. Some customers may have developed a loyalty to your brand because of familiarity and shared experiences with your staff.

The morale of your workforce may also suffer because no one gets to stay long in the company, which then leads to poor team performance. All of these will affect your bottom line negatively.

Excellent customer service is only achievable if your business culture nurtures it. You can only achieve this if you have the right people who can commit to executing their roles well and make amazing customer service happen. Every person that you hire must therefore be of value to your company, your customers, and your customer service strategies.

Defining the Right Fit

recruitment hand picking origami employees

Technical prowess stands as a vital pillar, yet it’s merely one facet of a multifaceted gem. The true essence of an exemplary customer service team member transcends proficiency in hard skills. The amalgamation of soft skills, personality traits, and technical acumen weaves the intricate tapestry of exceptional interactions.

Central to this amalgamation are the bedrock soft skills—empathy, patience, and effective communication. These skills are the threads that sew a seamless connection between representatives and customers.

  • The gift of empathy enables representatives to not only hear but truly listen to customers, resonating with their sentiments and fostering a sense of understanding.
  • Patience acts as the steady hand that navigates through complex issues, diffusing frustration and turning challenges into opportunities.
  • Effective communication, a linchpin of customer service, bridges the gap between customer inquiries and satisfactory resolutions.

These soft skills harmonize with technical proficiency. They elevate routine interactions into profound experiences, where representatives not only provide solutions but also kindle the spark of customer satisfaction.

The synergy of soft skills, personality traits, and hard skills transforms customer service into a realm of remarkable engagement, where every interaction becomes a brushstroke on the canvas of customer satisfaction.

Crafting a Targeted Job Description

The foundation of building exceptional customer service begins with crafting a well-tailored job description. This document serves as a roadmap to attract candidates possessing the desired qualities. A clear and comprehensive job description outlines the specific soft skills, hard skills, and personality traits aligned with your customer service objectives.

Within this job description, the emphasis is on soft skills—traits that foster effective customer interactions. Highlight the importance of qualities such as empathy, patience, and strong communication. These traits form the basis for meaningful customer engagement and positive interactions.

Additionally, stress the importance of problem-solving skills—essential for navigating challenges that may arise. Attention to detail is another crucial aspect that ensures accuracy and thoroughness in customer interactions. Lastly, emphasize the willingness to learn as a sign of adaptability and an ongoing commitment to growth and development.

By presenting these expectations clearly in the job description, you attract candidates who not only possess the necessary skills but also align with the values and requirements of your customer service team. This document becomes a valuable tool in finding individuals who can contribute effectively to your customer service goals.

Strategic Recruitment Channels

Leveraging the right recruitment channels is key to reaching potential candidates who are a perfect fit for your customer service team. Utilize online job boards, social media platforms, and industry-specific networks to cast a wide net.

Tailor your job postings to resonate with individuals who value customer-centric roles and possess the desired soft skills. This strategic approach helps you reach candidates who are genuinely interested in providing exceptional customer service.

Screening and Selection

customer service experience CX agent applicant in HR team interview in call center

The screening and selection process is your opportunity to evaluate candidates’ suitability for the role in depth. Begin by reviewing their resumes to identify relevant hard skills and experiences.

During the initial stages, consider using pre-employment assessments that measure problem-solving abilities, communication skills, and attention to detail. This initial filtering helps streamline the selection process and narrows down the pool of candidates.

Behavioral Interviews

Behavioral interviews stand as a powerful and insightful tool for comprehensively evaluating candidates’ suitability for customer service roles. This method goes beyond traditional questioning by delving into candidates’ past experiences and how they align with the nuanced demands of customer interactions.

During the behavioral interview, candidates are prompted to share specific instances from their past that highlight essential soft skills such as empathy, patience, and effective communication. By asking for concrete examples, interviewers gain a clearer understanding of candidates’ abilities to engage with customers in a genuine and empathetic manner.

Furthermore, behavioral interviews provide a platform to explore candidates’ problem-solving skills in action. Interviewers can inquire about occasions when candidates successfully resolved complex customer issues.

By analyzing these scenarios, you can gauge candidates’ ability to navigate challenges, think critically, and provide effective solutions. This aspect is particularly crucial in customer service, where swift and efficient problem resolution is a cornerstone of positive interactions.

Incorporating behavioral interviews into the hiring process not only helps in identifying candidates with the right soft skills but also allows you to assess their compatibility with the customer-focused culture of your organization.

Role Play and Simulations

customer service experience CX agent applicant in HR panel interview in call center

The inclusion of role-play exercises and simulations within the interview process emerges as a potent mechanism for delving into candidates’ multifaceted capabilities.

These immersive activities transport candidates into simulated customer interactions, offering a glimpse into how they navigate the dynamic landscape of customer service. These scenarios, intricately designed to mirror real-life encounters, serve as litmus tests for candidates’ prowess in handling a spectrum of situations, from routine inquiries to nuanced challenges.

The essence of this approach lies in the authenticity it brings to the evaluation process. Through role-play exercises and simulations, candidates are cast into the midst of scenarios that reflect the intricate tapestry of customer interactions.

This unscripted environment presents a canvas where their soft skills and hard skills are illuminated, allowing you to assess their adeptness at problem-solving, communication, empathy, and attention to detail.

customer service applicant in role playing exercise with HR Office during recruitment for CX agent in call center

As the scenes unfold, a panoramic view of candidates’ capabilities materializes. You can observe how they weave their communication skills to establish a rapport with the “customer,” showcasing their knack for active listening and clear articulation.

Furthermore, their ability to navigate challenges, whether through innovative solutions or step-by-step troubleshooting, is laid bare.

The insights gleaned from these hands-on evaluations resonate beyond mere technical proficiency. They offer a window into candidates empathy—a trait indispensable for understanding customer needs and delivering tailored solutions.

Role-play and simulations possess the unique attribute of unveiling candidates’ responses under the pressure that often accompanies real customer interactions.

The authenticity of these scenarios prompts candidates to draw from their arsenal of problem-solving skills, demonstrating how they manage stress while staying composed and collected.

The insights gleaned from these hands-on evaluations resonate beyond mere technical proficiency. They offer a window into candidates’ empathy—a trait indispensable for understanding customer needs and delivering tailored solutions.

Moreover, these exercises shine a light on candidates’ ability to remain unfazed by the unpredictable nature of customer interactions, further affirming their suitability for the dynamic world of customer service.

Incorporating role-play exercises and simulations into your interview process augments your ability to make informed decisions. It transcends scripted responses and offers a genuine preview of how candidates would fare in the realm of real customer interactions.

As you observe their authentic reactions and responses, you glean a comprehensive understanding of their aptitude, personality traits, and alignment with the values of your organization—equipping you to make the pivotal decision of welcoming individuals who possess the right blend of skills and attributes into your customer service fold.

Cultural Alignment

diverse customer service CX agents in fun call center office

Beyond both technical and soft skills, the fabric of a candidate’s alignment with your company’s values and customer-centric ethos plays a pivotal role.

Cultural alignment serves as the compass that guides candidates to navigate within the company’s unique landscape. Evaluating this alignment ensures that candidates not only possess the requisite skills but also carry an intrinsic motivation to transcend conventional boundaries in delivering exceptional customer service.

Scrutinizing a candidate’s resonance with your organization’s mission, values, and customer-focused philosophy becomes an essential aspect of the selection process.

A candidate’s enthusiasm to wholeheartedly embrace and uphold your company’s cultural tenets speaks volumes about their potential to become a proactive contributor to the customer experience.

In essence, the goal is to identify individuals who seamlessly integrate with your company’s cultural fabric and are inherently driven to enhance the customer journey.

A workforce rooted in shared values and a deep understanding of your organization’s mission is more likely to consistently provide customer service that exceeds expectations and contributes to the overarching goal of customer satisfaction.

Training and Onboarding

After the meticulous process of selecting suitable candidates, the journey toward cultivating exceptional customer service begins with robust training and onboarding initiatives. These programs play a pivotal role in arming new hires with the essential tools and skills required for their roles while instilling the principles of outstanding customer interactions.

The training phase is where new team members acquire the necessary hard skills and product knowledge that underpin their effectiveness in delivering exceptional customer service. Familiarity with the organization’s offerings and systems empowers agents to provide accurate and relevant information to customers, facilitating smooth interactions.

In parallel, training emphasizes the refinement of crucial soft skills that form the backbone of remarkable customer service experiences. Active listening, effective communication, and adept problem-solving techniques are woven into the fabric of training sessions.

The onboarding process serves as a crucial transition phase, where new hires integrate into the organization’s ethos, culture, and operational processes. It sets the trajectory for their journey within the organization and ensures they are well-equipped to not only meet but exceed customer expectations.

By investing in comprehensive training and onboarding programs, organizations lay the foundation for agents to provide top-tier customer service. These initiatives equip individuals with the tools, knowledge, and mindset needed to tackle challenges, address customer concerns, and ultimately contribute to elevated customer satisfaction.

Continuous Development

Tthe quest for excellence is an ever-evolving journey. Recognizing the perpetual evolution of this field, the principle of continuous development emerges as an unwavering beacon guiding the path to sustained success.

Embracing continuous development signifies a steadfast commitment to nurturing and enhancing the capabilities of your team members.

This commitment is rooted in the understanding that the mastery of skills, coupled with ongoing learning, is paramount to maintaining a competitive edge and ensuring that your customer service team remains poised at the forefront of industry trends.

The heart of this approach lies in fostering an environment of perpetual learning and growth. Empower your representatives with a curated array of opportunities designed to bolster their skill sets and expand their horizons.

By offering a comprehensive spectrum of resources, from skill-enhancing workshops to specialized training programs, you equip your team with the tools they need to hone their communication prowess, deepen their well of empathy, and refine their adeptness at solving intricate challenges.

Through their dedication to continuous development, your representatives stand primed to address evolving customer needs with acumen and assurance, ensuring that your organization’s commitment to exceptional customer service remains unwavering and unswerving.

Moreover, the ripple effects of continuous development extend far beyond skill enhancement. As your team members engage in ongoing learning and upskilling, a culture of curiosity and growth takes root within your customer service ecosystem.

This culture fuels a sense of ownership and empowerment among your representatives, fostering an environment where they are not merely reactive problem-solvers but proactive innovators in the realm of customer interactions.

By prioritizing continuous development, you instill in your team a shared vision of constant improvement. This vision transforms each customer interaction into an opportunity for learning, growth, and refinement.

It’s a testament to your commitment to nurturing your team’s potential, not as static employees, but as dynamic contributors to a customer-centric journey that perpetually evolves and elevates the standards of exceptional customer service.

Hiring the right people is the crucial first step towards delivering amazing customer service. By focusing on the right blend of soft skills, personality traits, and hard skills, you can create a team that is not only equipped with the technical know-how but also possesses the empathy, patience, and problem-solving abilities needed to exceed customer expectations.

Crafting a strategic recruitment process, conducting behavioral interviews, and evaluating cultural alignment ensure that you bring individuals onboard who are genuinely committed to enhancing customer satisfaction. Remember, the path to remarkable customer service begins with hiring the right people.

Hiring the right people isn’t an easy feat. However, businesses can ease their worries on hiring, onboarding, and training when they partner with trusted contact centers like Open Access BPO. We’ll help you set up your own team and have it up and running in no time. Ask us how!


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The free two-day healthcare event, held on the seventh floor of the multilingual call center's Makati headquarters, provided risk assessments, counseling for employees, and free contraceptives for all attendees.

Workers from Makati City's Health Department were able to accommodate over 130 employees, providing them with general check-ups, blood glucose testing, and HIV screening.

The Health Department workers say the program will help Open Access BPO employees determine how at-risk they are of diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and HIV/AIDS. Family planning lectures and counseling services were also available.

This holistic approach to wellness empowers employees to take charge of their health and well-being.

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Open Access BPO recently kicked off our new fitness programs with a sunset yoga session:

‍Held on the newly launched scenic 7th-floor terrace of our Makati HQ, the session provided employees with a unique opportunity to unwind, de-stress, and connect with colleagues in a beautiful outdoor setting.

Our fitness program is set to resume this week with new Rope Flow and Zumba program.

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