How to Hire Great Technical Support Agents

How to Hire Great Technical Support Agents

Luis Anthony Oliveros Published on August 8, 2022

To consumers, technical support agents play the role of digital first responders, saving the day when users encounter tricky technical problems on the device or software they’re using.

technical support agents in job interview with call center executive human resources

We’ve all become so reliant on technology that this role has become nothing short of crucial. Glitches on the software we use at work or confusing settings on our gaming devices can send us queuing for their manufacturer or developers’ after sales hotlines.

Given the critical value these IT customer service agents bring, brands and their business process outsourcing (BPO) partners take extra care when hiring technical support agents.

If you want to provide excellent customer experience and improve customer relationships, take these competencies into account:

  • Technical Skills

    technical support agent showing tech skills

    Different brands, roles, and responsibilities require different areas of specialties at different levels of technical expertise. Technical support agents generally have four levels of supportโ€”from Level 1 where they respond to simple inquiries to Level 4 where they assist customers through complex troubleshooting instructions.

  • Analytical and Decision-Making Abilities

    technical support agents analytical skills depiction

    This is one of the most crucial skills in an IT customer service representative’s arsenal. Every customer contacting them will have at least one technical concern that needs immediate attention, many others will have multiple issues, each creating additional inquiries. An effective agent must be able to sift through all presented information, piece together details, and formulate the right course of actionโ€”all in a few seconds

  • Communication Skills

    technical support agent speaking assisting customer on the phone

    As the brand’s frontliners, tech support personnel engage with users and walk them through issue resolution. Fulfilling its responsibilities requires the following communication skills:

    • Analytical and Decision-Making Abilities

      This is one of the most crucial skills in an IT customer service representative’s arsenal. Every customer contacting them will have at least one technical concern that needs immediate attention, many others will have multiple issues, each creating additional inquiries. An effective agent must be able to sift through all presented information, piece together details, and formulate the right course of action โ€” all in a few seconds.

    • Articulating Tech

      We may be shifting to a digital world, but many of its occupants are not very tech savvy. Outsourcing technical support agents must be able to clearly interpret and explain complex technical solutions to them to help them understand what needs to be done or why a service may have additional charges.

  • Work Experience

    technical support agent resume reviewed by HR staff

    Along with technical knowledge, prior experience working in similar environments or industries are good things to have in candidates’ resumes. Some competencies are better acquired and perfected through months or even years of continuous practice, including:

    • being accustomed to the fast-paced nature of call center work;
    • an understanding of what the program needs from them;
    • familiarity with tools and concepts used in the program’s industry; and
    • awareness of the extra mile to take on to raise service quality.
  • Adaptability and Motivation to Grow

    technical support agents receiving training coaching from trainer team leader

    Technology can develop in hyper-speed, which means brands can introduce new products and services every few months, especially in consumer tech. This also means programs will experience several changes to their service queues and procedures to support these new products. Technical support agents should be able to adjust accordingly.

    Along with these new updates, they must also be inquisitive and willing to learn, taking steps to take on necessary knowledge and skills.

  • Emotional Skills

    supportive technical support agents shaking hands

    Yes, the job may require above-average technical proficiency, but it’s still customer support at its core. Candidates will need some emotional skills to ensure high-quality service at every customer interaction, emotional skills such as these two:

    • Compassion and Empathy

      Not only does empathy let agents understand what customers are feeling, it also enables them to hear what isn’t said. Sensitivity to customers feelings can help turn situations around, aiding issue resolution and enhancing customer experience.

    • Resiliency

      The ability to recover and rise above any situation ensures seamless customer experience and unfettered productivity. While this is indeed a valuable quality to look for in technical support agents, BPO companies must provide a support system to help prevent any negative effects on their mental health.

    technical support agents at Open Access BPO

    As a multilingual outsourcing firm, Open Access BPO hyper-customizes and manages programs to help our partners ensure their competitive edge further their business goals. We staff those programs with only the most qualified, diligent talents through our stringent recruitment practices.

    We collaborate with our partners to precisely determine the manpower skills and qualities they need for their programs. We maintain constant communication throughout the entire process to make sure that nothing is lost along the way.

    Need access to fortify your tech brand’s global support? Let’s make it a 24/7 multilingual support program. Contact us today so our program experts can start building a tech support team for your brand!


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Luis is a social media drifter who writes about the outsourcing industry for Open Access BPO. During his previous lives, he also worked as a tech reporter, tour guide, and graphic artist.
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