How your business language can make or break customer service

How your business language can make or break customer service

December 23, 2014

As a company that lives and breathes with conversations, every Philippine call center knows the value and impact of words in determining the quality of the service it delivers, as well as the satisfaction of the customers it serves. Depending on their focus, contact centers typically follow a guideline about the words they should and should not say to a customer.

For telemarketers, making a sale relies on the power words they speak with conviction. Customer service teams, on the other hand, have to be able to express empathy while avoiding negative language for them to truly say that they re acing their game. Regardless of the type of service you carry out, however, your service speech or business language should be delivered in such a way that represents your brand identity and could be understood by your target audience. Here s why:

• Day-to-day conversations leave a more lasting impact than marketing messages.


For many businesses, toning their brand s voice is an activity that is only intended to revamp sales, so they talk in a certain tone on their website or pepper buzzwords on their campaigns where customers can identify them in. But everything else outside marketing stays the same. Don t fall into this mistake—know that customers primarily get their impressions of your company from conversations with your representatives, not through big ads you place out there.


• Product experience starts with how you describe your product to customers.


No matter how well-written your descriptions and specifications are, users would still get a better grasp of how your product works and how efficient it is by how you promote it to them. This is one of the reasons why telemarketing agents should have a way with words.


• Language use trumps technical knowledge.


Equipping your employees with the most comprehensive product knowledge and training them under the most stringent methods can still come out useless if they are not able to relay instructions with courtesy nor express empathy in the way they talk.


• The right words can fix even the biggest customer service issues.


Most of the time, what appeases irate customers is the way a representative talks to them, not necessarily the solution he gives. Let s admit that there are cases where there s nothing you can do to fix the problem, but with the right words and attitudes, complainants can still end up satisfied because of the way agents handled the case.


Understanding the importance and impact of words in customer service is just the start; you should be able to choose and apply the right tone to set you apart from competitors while keeping your audience satisfied.
Find out how in the second part of this article that we will be posting soon.

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