[Infographic] 5 Industries that need a multilingual call center

Top 5 Industries that Need a Multilingual Call Center

How will your business reach international customers in this ever-expanding global economy?

Reaching out to international markets may be difficult, but it’s a crucial step in expanding your business on a global scale. However, instead of starting from scratch and investing in establishing your local offices in each country, partnering with multilingual call centers can help jumpstart your expansion. This can help create an advantage over your competitors. Read More

The pressure that Philippine call centers are under">

[Infographic]The pressure that Philippine call centers are under


What does the Philippines have to do to move up the outsourcing value chain?

The Philippine outsourcing industry is more than just a lucrative enterprise. It’s now on its way to becoming the largest and fastest-growing industry in the country, especially now that budding BPO hubs called Next-Wave Cities are mushrooming outside Metro Manila. Read More

An entrepreneur’s guide to successful investing in Taiwan">

[Infographic]An entrepreneur’s guide to successful investing in Taiwan

business etiquette infographic

Taiwan’s doors are wide open for investors from all parts of the world. Its business-friendly policies, close ties with powerful industries such as China, and strategic location continue to capture the attention of global entrepreneurs. Read More