Can a call center in the Philippines help startups increase sales?

Can a call center in the Philippines help startups increase sales?

OABPO Blog Team Published on March 12, 2014Last updated on November 29, 2021

Growth is key to survival, especially for budding entrepreneurs. Yet, only a few have the capacity to skyrocket sales or hire someone to do it.

Outsourcing to a call center in the Philippines comes as a ready solution for startups to gain profits and expand their consumer base without breaking the bank.

Here are five advantages your startup can get by partnering with an outsourced telemarketing firm:

  1. Timeshared talents

    call center in the Philippines diverse employees customer service support
    A common sales team has four primary roles. First is the hunter who finds potential leads, second is the qualifier who pursues the found leads, third is the account executive who closes deals with the qualified leads, and last is the senior executive who strategizes the sales approach.

    Having them gives a higher guarantee of sales success, but keeping them permanently under payroll can be too costly for a business that’s only getting off the ground. Outsourcing sales allows you to “timeshare” these roles so that you only get the services of sales talents when you need them. This way, you have more time to concentrate on crucial business functions that you won’t otherwise have time for.

  2. Predictable expenses

    call center in the Philippines finance using calculator

    As most startup companies have limited cash flow, they consider outsourcing to a call center in the Philippines or any low-cost offshoring site to preserve cash, thus making expenses predictable.

    From the start, outsourced partners may give you the exact pricing for the services you can avail of and their return to your investment. This setup enables you to map out future costs should you decide to extend the deal or add more processes to fortify your marketing campaign.

  3. Speedy sales process

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    The sales strategies of an outsourced sales team are always based on research and not solely on gut feel. With them, you could methodically understand your market, their needs, and your products or services that best fit them. A sales team with deep marketing experience can use studies to shorten your pitch and sales cycle, thus speeding up the inflow of profits.

  4. Product expertise

    call center in the Philippines executive standing under light bulb door

    Outsourced salespeople are experts of their field; they understand the complexities of the marketing process and your market itself. Employing their services lets you gain expert insights that you could use in designing and developing your products so that they will be positively received by your target audience.

  5. Reduced risks

    call center in the Philippines executive depiction disaster recovery

    Startups and small enterprises don’t exactly have sizable funding so they really can’t afford to suffer crashes while they’re just taking off. Collaborating with an established firm that has a strong track record of winning market shares and surviving business disasters will help you get back on your feet should your sales efforts fail. Until you attain a sturdy business status, it is best to let your service vendor guide you through the process of positioning your brand in your niche.

Startup companies need reliable crutches to help them grow and eventually take lead in their respective industry. As outsourcing offers cost-efficient benefits, partnering with a call center in the Philippines could pave your startup’s way to industry leader status. You can learn more about Open Access BPO’s scalable process and multilingual services when you get in touch with us today.

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