The Philippines as a budding multilingual call center destination

The Philippines has proven its global competence when it toppled India as the world’s call center destination in 2011. Today, the country aims higher as it targets multilingual call center services as one of its future niches. Multilingual agents in the Philippines There have already been numerous articles expounding the English fluency of the country’s […]

The wonders of outsourcing chat support

Nowadays, it’s not enough to have a single channel for customer support. Customers are always on the lookout for easier, more convenient ways to reach a company. Employing chat support outsourcing services are therefore becoming a common practice for companies that want to give more options to their customers. Outsourcing not only allows a business […]

Telemarketing call centers: Conveying the right message with a script

A well-written script is an essential tool of call center companies offering telemarketing services. It should be well thought out, original, and effective in enticing prospects or leads to purchase a product or service. What a good script can do Telemarketers follow a standard script when doing calls. This tool is well researched and makes […]

On the road to globalization: Multilingual Services

Expanding to new locations is not as simple as setting up shop and expecting customers to immediately line up for goods. Aside from excellent offerings, businesses also need multilingual solutions to cater to pre- and post-sale needs of customers. Grabbing new opportunities Even in today’s highly commercialized societies, there are still new markets for businesses […]

How telemarketing call centers survive the Digital Age

Among many call center services, telemarketing is an area riddled with controversies. With the advent of the Internet and other technology products and services, some skeptics are wondering if it is still relevant. Others even go as far as to call it a “lost art.” The current state of telemarketing There’s no denying that the […]

Outsourcing call centers to sustain hyper growth, says CCAP

The recently conducted three-day International Contact Center Conference and Expo ended in an affirmative note, with the industry report concluding that outsourcing call centers in the company are expected to continue hyper growth. The demand and appetite are there and we anticipate that this hyper growth will continue. reported Contact Center Association of the Philippines […]

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Call centers cannot afford data loss. However, circumstances like hardware glitches, #cyber attacks, and natural disasters can lead to this.

How do you protect the lifeline of your #CallCenter in such cases? Find out in this blog:

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Your customer service defines your business. The first step to ensuring that you do the right thing is to adapt the language that helps you deliver excellent #CustomerSupport:

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Effective communication goes beyond simply using the same language as your consumers. That is why companies outsource their #multilingual #CallCenter: to have the ability to provide the kind of support consumers understand.

Read more on adapting the right language to build customer rapport:

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Unsure of how to improve customer relationships? Check out this overview of generational preferences to understand what influences your customers' decisions and how to meet their needs:

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Unexpected interruptions in your #CallCenter operations can cost customers' trust and your brand's reputation. Discover how smart #offshore redundancy can mitigate these threats:

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Businesses need to understand what drives customer expectations to satisfy market demands. Consider these factors to build a better #CustomerHappiness strategy:

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