Outsourcing data entry solutions: Importance of accuracy

As companies grow, so do the volumes of data that needs to be managed. As such, most companies opt to outsource various kinds of data entry solutions to different business process outsourcing (BPO) firms worldwide. Outsourcing data entry to a third party service provider saves the company administrative costs, and allows fast turnaround time for […]

No slowing down for the Philippines’ bullish call center sector

Nearly three years after unseating India as the top outsourcing location, the Philippines’ call center industry remains progressive and it doesn’t look like it has any intentions of slowing down any time soon. In recent reports for the upcoming International Contact Center Conference & Expo (ICCCE), Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP) President Benedict […]

Philippines’ call center industry and global IT healthcare outsourcing

The global healthcare IT outsourcing market is expected to grow by $50.4 billion in 2018 from $35 billion in 2013. This poses as a good opportunity for the call center industry in the Philippines, which is positioning itself as a leader in healthcare outsourcing. The recent report by international research firm MarketsandMarkets cites health insurance, […]

Philippine outsourcing companies still prefer Metro Manila

Metro Manila still surpasses its provincial counterparts as the preferred location of outsourcing companies in the Philippines, property advisory/consultancy Colliers Inc. said in a recent business report. Accordingly, companies are shifting back operations to the said city, with Colliers Philippine director Jie Espinosa stating that, About 70-80% of requirement go back to Metro Manila. This […]

Call center in the Philippines: Maximizing the performance of call center agents

Aside from technology, people and processes are also instrumental for a company in reaching its desired performance and productivity level. Philippine-based call center companies therefore have their own set of practices designed to maximize agent performance. Though these practices differ with each company, general ones proven to be highly effective are listed below: Performance analysis […]

Outsourcing to the Philippines: Bright outlook as country named SEA’s new economic leader

The country is now leading the economic race in Southeast Asia, an international debt watcher reported last Monday. This poses a positive outlook for the outsourcing industry in the Philippines, shown to be a main contributing factor to the overall progress of the economy, and other sectors. According to news reports, Standard and Poor’s Rating Services […]

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How can you cultivate #inclusivity in a diverse workplace—or any workplace, for that matter? Listen, then learn.

When we practice active open-mindedness, we can find common ground despite our differing cultures, languages, ages, races, genders and abilities. We learn to overcome the unconscious bias often deep-rooted in our values and transform these differences into strengths.

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User-generated content may provide marketing opportunities, but they can also affect your #brand reputation. Amp up your #ContentMarketing strategy while ensuring those content submissions comply to ownership policies with an expert #ContentModeration team:

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Looking for a #ContentModeration solutions provider? Check out these different moderation options before tapping an expert to manage your website or community forum:

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A Microsoft study revealed that 21% of customers hate having to contact brands over and over regarding the same concern. Follow these 8 #CustomerService tips to reduce repeat complaints!

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There are two types of #CallCenter agents for businesses looking to outsource: the #generalist and the #specialist. Get a closer look at their strengths to determine which type can help you deliver superior multilingual #TechSupport:

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Prevent cancellations and help your #CustomerService team retain customers with these #CustomerRetention strategies. Here's how:

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