Must-know trends in IT inbound customer service training

As technology changes, so does inbound customer service. Whereas in the old times, customers need to talk face-to-face with a shopkeeper, today, all it takes to connect with a company is to pick up the phone or access the Internet. According to Business2Community, companies need to keep up with current trends and train their staff […]

Companies that outsource to the Philippines attracting overseas Pinoys

Brain drain used to be a major government concern, with many Filipino professionals leaving the country for more lucrative work abroad. However, foreign companies that outsource to the Philippines are now providing competitive opportunities that are attracting these overseas Filipino workers back to the country. In a recent session with reporters, the Information Technology and […]

Multilingual services: Why cultural competency matters

While language is business for call center companies offering multilingual services, it’s not the sole determinant for success. These companies also need to show deep cultural understanding to effectively reach out to a diverse market. Importance of culture to multilingual services Customers in different locations are separated by both a common tongue, and cultural background. […]

Customer service outsourcing: Following the Golden Rule

There is an endless list of dos and don ts in customer service outsourcing. It’s a favorite topic among business magazines and news portals, and related modern-day fiascos by companies are immediately discussed on social media sites. The truth is that everything about customer service can be summed up with the widely known concept of […]

The Philippines remains a powerhouse for call center outsourcing

The Philippines remains as one of the most attractive locations for call center outsourcing and other offshoring business solutions, according to a recent September report by an independent telecoms firm this September. In a statement, Margaret Goldberg, co-author of the Ovum report, said that, “Following our visit to the country and our on-the-ground research, it […]

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Looking for a #ContentModeration solutions provider? Check out these different moderation options before tapping an expert to manage your website or community forum:

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A Microsoft study revealed that 21% of customers hate having to contact brands over and over regarding the same concern. Follow these 8 #CustomerService tips to reduce repeat complaints!

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There are two types of #CallCenter agents for businesses looking to outsource: the #generalist and the #specialist. Get a closer look at their strengths to determine which type can help you deliver superior multilingual #TechSupport:

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Prevent cancellations and help your #CustomerService team retain customers with these #CustomerRetention strategies. Here's how:

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Call center shrinkage negatively affects businesses. Follow these tips to manage #CallCenter shrinkage effectively and boost #EmployeeProductivity:

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There are two kinds of #CallCenter agents: specialists and generalists. Let Open Access BPO help you find the right team for your business needs:

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