Why you should welcome user-generated content even when it can be damaging

Making your online platforms interactive by welcoming comments, reviews, contest submissions, social media posts, and other contributions is definitely a good way of strengthening your online presence. These interactions drive audience engagement and draw prospective customers closer to your brand. Not all forms of user-generated content (UGC), however, are good for you. Welcoming UGC can […]

Crowdsourcing content moderation: Why it’s risky for your brand

Crowdsourcing is one of the nicest things the Internet can offer to website owners, online community managers, and social media moderators. Random users can be gathered to complete an online task for you or solve a problem which normally would require professional help.

What qualities should your online community managers possess?

As website owners like you look for new ways to take your social marketing strategy to a higher level, it’s only natural for you to eventually hire experts that can safeguard your online platforms. You can either outsource content moderation to a digital security agency or hire community management experts yourself.

Why automation can never replace human content moderation

When thinking about how to effectively manage the online communities and discussions on your social media networks, websites, or forums, planning how user-generated content (UGC) can be moderated properly should always be a priority. After all, social media marketing isn t just about having an active online presence on social networks; it s about building […]

Win the battle against forum spam by optimizing registration

Your online forum is where members of your community can discuss and exchange ideas that are related to your brand’s niche. This helps make your website more welcoming to new users. Unfortunately, forums are also the favorite hangout places of sneaky link builders and digital marketers.

Why comment moderation should be a blogger’s priority

Most content marketers and bloggers would agree that one crucial metric that can determine a blog s success is the volume of feedback it receives from its target audience. Blog comments reflect how engaged your readers are with your brand. They also send a message of credibility to the general audience, especially the new visitors […]

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Planning to set up your own team of #CallCenter agents? Get familiar with these 5 key #hiring strategies before outsourcing your business needs to a #BPO company:

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How can you cultivate #inclusivity in a diverse workplace—or any workplace, for that matter? Listen, then learn.

When we practice active open-mindedness, we can find common ground despite our differing cultures, languages, ages, races, genders and abilities. We learn to overcome the unconscious bias often deep-rooted in our values and transform these differences into strengths.

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User-generated content may provide marketing opportunities, but they can also affect your #brand reputation. Amp up your #ContentMarketing strategy while ensuring those content submissions comply to ownership policies with an expert #ContentModeration team:

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Looking for a #ContentModeration solutions provider? Check out these different moderation options before tapping an expert to manage your website or community forum:

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A Microsoft study revealed that 21% of customers hate having to contact brands over and over regarding the same concern. Follow these 8 #CustomerService tips to reduce repeat complaints!

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There are two types of #CallCenter agents for businesses looking to outsource: the #generalist and the #specialist. Get a closer look at their strengths to determine which type can help you deliver superior multilingual #TechSupport: