10 Customer Care Gestures That Will Make Your Clients Feel Special

Faith Ocampo Published on February 14, 2017 Last updated on May 13, 2024

Even if it’s just for a few moments, customer care gestures need to be taken seriously. Here are some tips you can follow.

Establishing pleasant client relationships requires an understanding of what truly constitutes exceptional customer care. Generally, it involves a deliberate focus on customer service gestures that suit clients in every way.

These gestures not only enhance the overall experience but also contribute significantly to customer satisfaction. Today, we’ll take a look at ten examples that make your clients feel truly special.

The Foundation of Exceptional Customer Care

Establishing a foundation for exceptional customer care is crucial, as it sets the stage for meaningful interactions. Basically, customer care gestures should have deliberate acts of appreciation and recognition.

Obviously, exceptional customer care is not a one-time effort but an ongoing commitment. It entails adjusting to the needs and expectations of your clients. Through it, you build a positive reputation.

Customer Care Gestures You Can Do

These ten customer care gestures can lead your business to where appreciation, recognition, and thoughtful interactions are the standard. Each gesture creates an atmosphere where your customers feel genuinely valued:

  1. Personalized Thank-You Notes

    The simplicity of a well-crafted thank-you note is more than just acknowledging what your customers have done for your brand. To create a lasting impact on your customers, here are some tips:

    • Be Genuine: Start by expressing genuine gratitude. Your sincerity should come through in your words. Avoid generic phrases and strive to make your appreciation authentic.
    • Be Specific: Mention specific actions or contributions that you’re grateful for. Always remember that detailing the exact reason for your thanks adds a personal touch.
    • Reference Personal Details: If you have any personal information about the recipient, such as their likes or preferences, incorporate these into your note. It shows that you pay attention to the individual details that make them unique.
    • Express Impact: Describe how the recipient’s actions or contributions have positively impacted your customer experience or customer satisfaction. This helps them understand the significance of their efforts.
    • Keep it Concise: While it’s essential to be specific, keep your thank-you note concise. People appreciate brevity, and a succinct message is more likely to be read and appreciated.
    • Reflect Your Brand Voice: Make sure that the language and tone of your thank-you note reflects your brand’s voice. Consistency in communication helps in reinforcing your brand identity.
  2. Exclusive Offers and Discounts

    Showcasing appreciation can also take the form of exclusive offers and discounts. When made according to client preferences, exclusive offers and discounts become personalized expressions of appreciation.

    This customer care gesture not only expresses gratitude but also provides tangible benefits. Let’s take a look at them:

    • Deeper Sense of Satisfaction: Personalized benefits give the impression that the loyalty of clients is valued.
    • Proactive Customer Service: Having special offerings showcases a proactive approach to customer service, anticipating the unique needs of your customers.
    • Sincere Differentiation: Crafting unique offerings based on individual preferences sets these customer care gestures apart from usual promotions.
    • Positive Sentiment: Well-thought-out exclusive offers contribute to a positive sentiment that goes beyond the immediate interaction, influencing the overall customer experience.
  3. Recognizing Milestones

    Recognizing and celebrating customer achievements and milestones creates a deeper connection. These milestones could range from work anniversaries to significant project completions or even personal triumphs. Here’s why it’s so significant:

    • Genuine Celebration: Businesses contribute to an environment where individual achievements are genuinely celebrated by actively participating in the client’s victories.
    • Heightened Customer Satisfaction: Celebrating milestones leads to a heightened sense of satisfaction as different experiences culminate into them.
    • Long-lasting Partnerships: These intentional customer care gestures form lasting and meaningful partnerships throughout the customer journey.
  4. Thoughtful Gifts on Special Occasions

    Presenting thoughtful and personalized gifts during special occasions connects the professional and personal dimensions of the customer relationship. Here are some tips if you want to try this idea:

    • Personalization Matters: Add a personal touch to the customer care gestures, such as customizing with their name or including a handwritten note expressing gratitude.
    • Quality Over Quantity: Focus on the quality of the customer care gestures rather than their monetary value. Well-chosen gestures leave a lasting impression.
    • Branded Merchandise: Consider branded merchandise as customer care gestures, providing customers with items that showcase your brand while being practical.
    • Sustainability Matters: Choose customer care gestures with an eco-friendly focus to show your commitment to social responsibility.
    • Seek Feedback: Gather feedback from customers on the types of customer care gestures they appreciate. This makes sure future gestures align with their preferences.
    • Promote Social Sharing: Encourage customers to share their received customer care gestures on social media to create brand awareness.
  5. Responsive and Personalized Communication

    Responding to inquiries and addressing concerns in a personalized manner is another approach that underscores the importance of customer experience. Here are some strategies for delivering a responsive and personalized communication:

    • Segmented Communication: Divide your customer base into segments based on preferences, demographics, or purchase history. This allows you to adjust your communication to specific groups.
    • Interactive Content: Incorporate interactive elements into your communication, such as quizzes, polls, or surveys. This not only engages customers but also provides valuable data for further personalization.
    • AI-Powered Personalization: Explore the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze customer data and predict preferences. AI can automate personalized recommendations and responses, enhancing efficiency and customization.
    • Localized Messaging: Customize your communication to cater to different regions or locations. This includes language preferences, cultural nuances, and even local events that may be of interest to specific customer groups.
    • Social Media Engagement: Actively engage with customers on social media platforms. Respond to comments, direct messages, and mentions in a personalized manner, showing that you value their input and interaction.
    • Multichannel Integration: Make sure there is integration between different communication channels. This allows for a unified customer experience, where interactions on one channel inform and enhance interactions on others.
  6. Proactive Issue Resolution

    Anticipating and resolving issues before they escalate is a customer care strategy that speaks volumes. Here are some of the key principles in this type of approach:

    • Vigilant Monitoring: A proactive stance involves continuously monitoring customer interactions and feedback. It’s about being vigilant, identifying patterns, and understanding the root causes of common issues.
    • Forward-Thinking Mindset: The essence of proactive issue resolution is a forward-thinking mindset. It involves actively identifying potential challenges that customers may encounter and devising preemptive strategies against them.
    • Touchpoints of Customer Service: Whether through efficient communication channels or processes, the objective is to create an environment where potential issues are prevented.
  7. Surprise Upgrades or Add-ons

    Sometimes, enhancing the customer experience involves surprising and delighting your clients. One powerful way to achieve this is through unexpected upgrades or add-ons. Here’s why you should try them:

    • Value Beyond Expectations: Surprise upgrades or add-ons provide value beyond what customers anticipate.
    • Generosity in Action: Acts of generosity showcase a business’s commitment to prioritizing the customer.
    • Creating Delightful Moments: The essence of surprise upgrades lies in creating delightful moments for your clients. These moments become stories they share, amplifying positive word-of-mouth and contributing to a better brand image.
    • Operational Excellence: Surprise upgrades involve a deep understanding of your products or services. Plus, it also taps on your ability to identify opportunities where a little extra can make a significant impact on the customer experience.
  8. Customized Solutions for Exceptional Experiences

    Crafting specialized solutions emphasizes the need to meet the unique needs of each client. Let’s highlight some key aspects that contribute to an elevated customer experience through this gesture:

    • Active Listening and Adaptation: Crafting personalized experiences requires active listening and a willingness to adapt.
    • Open Communication: Maintaining open lines of communication is crucial in delivering personalized experiences. Personalized messages and responsive interactions ensure that customers feel heard and understood.
    • Elevating Every Interaction: Personalized experiences also help create a positive and memorable customer journey. This approach, together with other customer care gestures, defines a superior service.
  9. Insider Access or Previews

    Customer care gestures by way of exclusive previews provide privileged insights into upcoming products or services. This creates a unique sense of value for your customers.

    • Client Engagement as a Priority: Prioritizing engagement is fundamental in customer service. Providing exclusive previews becomes evidence of this priority as customers become active participants in the improvement of your offerings.
    • Creating a Sense of Privilege: Offering them a sneak peek implies that they are not just customers but esteemed individuals with access to exclusive information.
    • Valued Insiders in Business Developments: Exclusive previews position your clients as valued insiders, integral to the trajectory of your business.
    • Creating Anticipation and Excitement: Through a sneak peek or early access, you instill a sense of anticipation and excitement among your client base.
  10. Creating a Customer Loyalty Program

    Creating a customer loyalty program is a move aimed at rewarding your long-standing clients. Here are a couple more reasons why creating a customer loyalty program can be good for your business:

    • Creates a Sense of Belonging: At its essence, a well-crafted customer loyalty program cultivates a sense of belonging.
    • Encouraging Continued Collaboration: Acknowledging and reciprocating the loyalty of customers creates a positive loop that reinforces the commitment of both parties.

Customer Care Gestures in Other Industries

Examining customer care practices across diverse industries offers valuable insights for enhancing your approach. In fact, it can inspire innovative strategies, providing a fresh perspective on customer appreciation.

  • Hospitality Industry

    Learning from the hospitality industry, which excels in personalized customer care gestures, sets a benchmark for creating memorable experiences. Hotels and resorts, in particular, prioritize individual needs, showcasing the impact of personalized interactions on overall satisfaction.

  • Retail Industry

    In the retail sector, meanwhile, excellence lies in providing an excellent customer experience. Retail giants prioritize accessibility and efficiency, ensuring clients receive services promptly. Adopting streamlined processes contributes to an overall positive experience.

  • Technology Industry

    Just like in retail, customer service in the technology sector often revolves around accessibility. Businesses can incorporate a tech-savvy approach through digital platforms for efficient communication and problem-solving.

  • Healthcare Industry

    Healthcare exemplifies a compassionate approach to customer care. The emphasis on empathetic communication and genuine concern for the well-being of customers leads to deeper connections.

  • Financial Industry

    The financial sector excels in providing detail-oriented customer service. A commitment to resolving issues with precision contributes to a high level of customer satisfaction. Implementing a similar focus on detail ensures customers feel secure and well-cared-for in their transactions.


Summing up, thoughtful and personalized customer care gestures are a commitment to building lasting customer relationships. If you adopt the ten tips mentioned above, your brand can elevate your customer service standards.

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When it comes to customer service, every ounce of effortโ€”both tiny and grandโ€”counts.

Brands may feel the need to impress their customers with fancy gestures to gain their trust or fuel their loyalty. But in most cases, what customers really appreciate are the tiny things that show you genuinely care about them. These simple acts demonstrate your commitment to making customers happy, showing that you can be consistent and reliable.

Here’s a list of 10 modest gestures that your call center agents can do to build meaningful customer relationships.

  1. Speaking the Customer’s Language

    busy customer support agent in call center

    Communicating with customers in their native language doesn’t only prove that you seek to strengthen your ties with them, it also enhances understanding. This facilitates issue resolution. Multilingual contact centers thus have an edge when it comes to building sustainable client relationships.

  2. Calling Back When You Say You Will

    This is one small act that proves that your company can keep its word. When you get back in touch with a customer on the schedule you’ve previously agreed on, they would start seeing your brand as a reliable and trustworthy provider.

  3. Saying “Please” and “Thank You”

    smiling woman talking to customer service call center agent

    Although regarded as common courtesies, the use of these magic words has become rather rare in a fast-paced, tech-driven world. During customer service transactions, mentioning these words can lighten the atmosphere and contribute to a positive consumer experience.

  4. Remembering Clients’ Preferences

    With the aid of a customer relationship management tool, you can store clients’ data, such as their previous transactions, in accordance with privacy laws. This feature lets call center agents personalize interactions to improve the customer experience. Putting these data to good use shows that you’re giving customers the attention they deserve.

  5. Admitting Your Mistakes

    worried man speaking to call center on the phone

    Of course, no company, product, or service is perfect. In business, there’s always room for growth, but not everyone is prepared to admit this. Those who can, however, gain customers’ trust and approval. In fact, consumers tend to stick to brands that are humble enough to admit when they’re wrong, as long as they also make an effort to fix their mistakes.

  6. Asking for Their Feedback

    Customers want to be the center of your attention. So showing them that you value their insights and opinions can thus go a long way. During customer support interactions, remind your agents to always ask for clients’ feedback. Do make sure, however, to integrate their insights in your product development and marketing strategies.

  7. Random Perks and Surprises

    surprised young man looking into opened box gift

    When you give customers extra perks for no apparent reason except to make them smile, they’ll surely remember your brand for a long time. For example, you may send them a handwritten thank-you note, give them discount coupons, or greet them on their birthday. These random gestures add up to a positive customer experience.

  8. Making Exceptions for Them

    Sometimes, bending your policies a little to grant a customer’s request is necessary, particularly in unique or complex situations. Your customers will surely thank you for making exceptions for them. However, before making a decision, consider whether your actions will be fair to all your clients.

  9. Being Straightforward and Honest

    sserious woman speaking to customer service hotline on phone

    Sometimes, call center agents feel compelled to lie to customers to protect a brand’s reputation. But when people find out they’re not telling the truth, they might end up cutting ties with your brand. So make it a point to promote transparency at all times, especially when it comes to your manufacturing processes and internal practices.

  10. Responding to Them Promptly

    Replying to customers’ messages quickly proves that you value their time. That’s why most brands partner with a contact center that can focus on assisting customers on a 24/7 basis. Providing support in multiple channels also lets brands cater to more customers.

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